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  1. jualan2

    Failed AI Blog, Delete AI Posts or Just Buy New Domain?

    So for summary, I have started this AI site in money making niche, but it failed, Google doesnt even want to index it. Tho Bing does bring some small traffic. I want to "reset" the website, something like more specific niche (but still within money making), but I wonder wether I should just...
  2. T

    A few questions about a AI generated blog

    I got a niche idea, about 50 AI generated articles 400+ words each, new domain, social media traffic generation plan. I understand the basic things that are needed to get adsense approved (clean theme, essential about me etc. pages,) What's the most realiatic fastest time it would take to get...
  3. BoostGrams

    How to know If a website's all blog created by AI?

    Is there any way to understand this? Moreover, if it is an AI generated blog that is too good for humans to understand, can Google understand it? Even if they understands, will they impose any sanctions? Ultimately, users read and are satisfied.
  4. ordonia28

    Ideal Traffic for Google Adsense

    What is the ideal GSC performance before applying for Google Adsense? I'm running an AI blog. Most contents are 1k to 2k words. Using gpt4. Domain Age 10yrs. Current post 14.

    Starting an AI Blog Journey

    After reading all @lukey372 blog journey thread, have decided to key into the club of AI Blogging, and I be updating you guys with the progress as I go. So far, *Have bought host and domain *Bought Astra Wp theme *Bought some pro plugins listed on @lukey372 thread. I Will be kicking off the...
  6. V

    Need to Earn only $15-$20 Per Day Using AI Content

    Hi All, I am in desperate need of money and I don't have months of time to grow my blog and then start earning. What I want: Want to create blog posts using Chatgpt 3.5 manually and without doing any major modifications and then post them on my blog and then apply for Adsense to start...
  7. Bedazzle

    [Journey] $5000 per Month from Website using AI Content

    Background on Website: I bought this fresh domain about 4 years ago and had huge plans with it to make a lot of money, but Shiny Object Syndrome got in the way and I diverted but it's never too late to bounce back. I have been writing content on the site, but since they were all hand-written, I...
  8. Paranoid Android

    BlogMaster Pro - The Ultimate AI Autoblogger

    This is a LINUX executable, designed to run on Ubuntu 22.04 or newer, ideally on Linode's Nanode or the likes with GCP and Azure costing between $5 to 8 a month, or on a VirtualBox Ubuntu desktop instance or Ubuntu Multipass (which only has shell) on your desktop. A basic understanding of Linux...
  9. T

    ★ Massive social traffic ★ EARN BIG $$$ ★ Get Automated Job boards with 100 to 1000 jobs posted automatically ★ 25% OFF ★

    Ever wondered why job boards are so expensive? yet one of the fastest niches to grow organically. It is because the market is hungry and there will always be fresh graduates every season in search of jobs and are quick to respond to posts relating to new openings, they also follow socials...
  10. F

    Does Ai Auto blogging only work on wordpress sites

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. I cant find where i read it before but i am looking for a Ai tool which does auto-blogging using the keywords that i provide. also not sure if Ai auto blogging tools only work with wordpress sites, if someone can point me to the right thread post on here of...
  11. damnez

    (PLEASE HELP) What should I do with my website?

    Hello guys, I have a niche blog and it's currently getting around 5k organic visits per month from google, it has around 10 blog posts and they were written by AI, improved manually. I am a very lazy person and I really don't like dealing with writing articles or even edit the AI written ones...
  12. M

    AIPRM several thousand prompt available Blog | Copywriting | SEO...

    I'd like to introduce you to a tool that I use on a daily basis: AIPRM.:) What is AIPRM? AIPRM, developed by ChatGPT, is an extension that can help you optimise your SEO. This extension offers very interesting and relevant prompts for content searches. In other words, you have at your disposal...
  13. GreenGrass2019


    What I need: Wordpress Access (admin username and password) Domain and Hosting(will not provide you with this; if you do not know how to create one, I can make one for 50 USD.) Your Niche What you get: Premium Wordpress Plugins ✅ Premium Wordpress Theme ✅ AI Generated Articles (500+...
  14. Dot Mirror LTD

    █ ██ ❤️ Premium Ready To Go Website Building Service ✅ Ecommerce ✅ Business Services ✅ Blog ✅ Auto Blog ✅ SEO Friendly ❤️ Start Online B...

    If you need a unique website that can be ready to go and make you money and is SEO-friendly, try our service. We have a team of expert and experienced website designers to do this for you. No matter if you're looking for a basic website, a blog, an e-commerce website, or a service site, we can...
  15. ARGOAIArticle_banner1.1.png


    ARGO AI Article Creator - Generate Human Like Content in Masses
  16. kimblens

    [Journey] AI Website Journey from scratch to 1000$/month

    So here I am with my first documented journey on bhw. I want to create a site entirely with chatGPT and others ai tools. Playing around with chatGPT got me in the mood to create a blog with articles written entirely by AI. Because I hate write articles myself. I decided to create this journey...
  17. A

    Unite together and crush the ad platforms using AI

    Ok the title got you here because you thought about it also. I'm currently working on building a tool to enable this strategy to come to life. Why? Because ad platforms are a straight up scam. I've built multiple companies over the past 13 years and learnt many incredible strategies for...
  18. V

    [JOURNEY] Yet Another AI Blog Journey to $50/Day [23/03/23]

    So guys, It's been a while since I've been planning this (more than a year, to be precise). I had finished writing code for what I had planned in the past (content gen + rewriting + image generation), but I am not using that for this journey. It's been a long time since I've been...
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