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  1. Sofiamartinez

    [FREE REVIEW COPY]✅AI Quality Articles✅ Niche Relevant✅Unique Content ✅Proof Read ✅Plagiarism Checked

    Hello, I am looking for review copies for my service and providing top-notch articles in exchange for reviews. The review copy will include the following: 1) 3 Articles (Quality + Unique Content) 2) Article Will Be 100% Unique And Copyscape Checked 3) AI Unique Plagiarism-Free Article With...
  2. Sofiamartinez

    [FREE REVIEW COPY] AI Quality Articles ✅Proof Read ✅Plagiarism Checked ✅Unique Content ✅Niche Relevant

    Hello, I am looking for review copies for my service and offering quality articles in exchange for reviews. The review copy will include the following: 1) AI Unique Plagiarism Article With Readability Consisting Of 1000 words. 2) 4 Articles (Readable + Unique Content) 3) Article Will Be 100%...
  3. kolaa

    Willing to launch 20 Ai Auto-blogging Websites aiming 1000$/m at the end of 2024 (Need your Suggestion)

    Here is the plan I will publish 5 AI Auto-Blogging websites (with a proper human touch in content) for the next 4 months, will try to do better and avoid making mistakes each time publishing blogs. Will try to launch 10 websites on blogging, and another 10 on Rank and Rent websites. And will...
  4. NeedMyLink

    AI content generation for SEO. Examples and results of use.

    How AI text generation works: a little history and theory SEO text generation has been around for a long time. Back in 2010, there was a tool called Red.Button.Transformer that generated doorways. And it had a function to generate texts using Markov chains. This algorithm considers each word to...
  5. Pricing Model.jpg

    Pricing Model.jpg

    AI Writing Pricing Model
  6. BoostGrams

    How to know If a website's all blog created by AI?

    Is there any way to understand this? Moreover, if it is an AI generated blog that is too good for humans to understand, can Google understand it? Even if they understands, will they impose any sanctions? Ultimately, users read and are satisfied.
  7. mainceaft

    I asked G Brad about something specific and if give me brilliant answer.

    Hello, what made me doing this fir I didn't have Open-Ai subscription and I only tested chatGPT 3.5 before never had chance to test 4.5 Anyway in the pas I was always complain about G search result not being accurate and full of spam/scam websites. But my experience with G Ai Brad way way more...
  8. T

    [BETA TESTERS] 5 online app for generating articles with your open AI key

    Hello there, I am giving away 5 bulkwriting cloud article generator from valid for 30days More information on what you are getting...
  9. B

    How to use an AI system that generates traffic to your website

    I have a business that relies on Google ads for traffic, until now, I managed to sustain a specific budget monthly to dedicate for google ads and I managed to come out with a sustainable campaign structure, so basically from now ON, it'll be just a copy paste so it won't atke much of my time...
  10. W

    New AI Auto posting software automatize link building process unlimited times

    I recently discovery in a Telegram group a software that combines what RankerX/MoneyRobot softwares can do with a auto posting interface with AI. It can auto post in different type of websites, forums, communities sites providing a result, similar to services like some known link building...
  11. barber

    Does the detected AI content matter to you?

    Votes are divided, but in your opinion, does the detection of AI content by free tools like CopyLeaks, GPTzero etc. matter to you in terms of gaining visibility?
  12. BigBlackPoodle

    Best AI Writer?

    I’ve used SurferSEO but it’s just gotten to arduous to use. I was looking into NeuronWriter. Does anyone have any feedback on what I should look into?
  13. T

    Don't buy backlinks to your Ai autoblog articles - Do this instead

    If you think buying backlinks is the fastest way to push up the SERPS you are wrong. Especially fi you go buy poor backlinks that will harm your sites. What you should do is to bribe google. Case study - two static pages with the same contents. Domain 1 - registered August Domain no 2 -...
  14. Raygh

    ️ | Experience a New Horizon of Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation - Probably the Best AI Articles You Ever Saw

    Hello Blackhat Community! You have the chance to get the perhaps best AI articles on the market today! We are a German online marketing agency and 5 of our best online marketing experts and 2 engineers have spent the last 10 months creating the best blog article generator we could find...
  15. artboard-3.jpg


    WorldAssistant AI content tool sales thread
  16. T

    The Lingua franca of open Ai - The most annoyling obvious Ai phrases that makes your content sound completely Ai

    I was editing some Ai contents on my autoblog and trying to strip off as many obvious ai phrases and sentences per post. After doing this for month, would it be nice to have a thread year on the most common Ai phrases or sentences that in one glance you know this content is obvious Ai :D Lets...
  17. Raygh

    [FREE REVIEW COPY - 1000 ARTICLES ] - ️ | Experience a New Horizon of Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation - Probably the Best

    To approve our offer for the Marketplace you have the possibility to gain our Top Level Service Package (1000 HIGH QUALITY AI ARTICLES) --> FOR FREE The Normal Price for this would be 4,290$ even on Blackhat. The Package will be given only one time and we pick the member. Tester Requirements...
  18. zane?

    ░ Best AI Tool for Content Writting? ░

    Hello beautiful people ⊂(◉‿◉)つ What tools do you use for content writing? I'm looking for AI generated content, very well SEO optimized around keywords. My main focus is AI generated case studies, especially in the money niche. Any idea or help is welcome ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
  19. D

    My AI platform + your marketing/traffic

    Hello All. My AI content platform with sales funnels. Everything from product, updates and customer support on me. If you know some way to generate sales or leads like SEO Email Marketing Ads Affiliate Marketing Sms Marketing Your Mass DM/traffic method ETC. We can make thousands of dollars...
  20. zfc

    WM AI Article Bot | 5 article $0 | Image - Youtube Video - In-site Linking - | Wordpress and Blogger Integrated

    What Are We Doing? Web Master AI enables you to produce long and usable ai content using Chatgpt infrastructure. In general, it is a web-based content production and management platform. It has the ability to publish individual or collective articles that you print on your Wordpress and...
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