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  1. V

    [Giveaway] 20 AI Generated Articles for Each Member

    Hi guys, I am giving away 20 AI-generated articles to each member. What I need from you: Keywords What you will get: CSV file containing the articles with titles. The articles can range from 500 to 1000 words. Leave a comment here, and I will PM you for the details. Note: The articles will...
  2. itz_styx

    ✅⚡ ARGO AI Article Creator ⚡Generate Hundreds of Articles in Minutes With Advanced Prompt Templates for Human-Like Content

    ARGO AI ARTICLE CREATOR Generate 100 Articles in under 2 minutes ! Create articles in bulk lightning fast with up to 100 threads, or work on single articles through an interface similar to the OpenAI playground. You might think, "Okay, yet another AI article creator based on OpenAI," however...
  3. kadirilgin1453

    Can I get Synthesia for cheap?

    I recently saw 120 dollars worth of openai credits being sold for a few dollars. Is the same possible for synthesia? Is there any way to get their packages cheaper?
  4. Johnpeterburs

    Real collapse of Content Writing in 2023. Guess what?

    In the last 2 months initially, it was quite surprising with ChatGPT throwing all fascinations to the extreme and all heads marching to grab fresh chickens out in the park. But days passing on, it's a battle for native writers vs AI thrown-ups as to who's got the better one. The Followingly...
  5. instagramheart

    Will I get less traffic if I use AI written articles?

    Will naturally written articles receive more traffic than those written by AI?
  6. onlinebusinessgr


    Website: Payment Methods: Credit Cards/PayPal Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of our products and services, we do have a no refund policy. This means that once a purchase has been made, it cannot be refunded or exchanged. GET YOUR BONUS: 1) Register in...
  7. shuttershades

    A list of 1400+ AI Websites / Tools

    I have found it on Reddit & I'm not affiliated with this.
  8. blackhatbeavis

    Anyone ranking n banking sites with ChatGPT content?

    Super curious to know if people are actually using this AI generated content to rank & bank in big G! Thanks in advance. Beavo
  9. huntermanager

    [MY OPINION] AI Generated Articles - The New Toxic of the Internet

    Youtube will be even more important because of AI Generated Articles. Why? These disgusting, robotic, repetitive articles teach us nothing. Every time I want to research something, these stupid robotics articles pop up. And I can't find a clear answer about what I want. So after saying "f*ck...
  10. Mr. Grinder

    ❤️GPT 3 unique Ai blog machine 2.0❤️ 99% Accurate⚡Unique article⏩ Auto poster⏩Auto On-page SEO⏩Auto images & videos❤️Build Ai blog while you sleep❤️

    Finally, the tools and software you have ever dreamed of are near your hand. I am presenting you a completely automated Ai blog builder that produces unlimited high-quality articles with HQ images and videos and directly posts them on your sites! It takes 5 minutes to setup, load your keywords...
  11. Didou

    Can I use AI writing tools this way?

    Hello everyone; I hope you guys are doing great. So, I use AI writing tools to improve the quality of my articles. Basically, what I do is I write a blog post, then I run it through an AI writing tool to rephrase certain sentences. I do so because I found that sometimes the tool rewrites the...
  12. razharov

    [ULTIMATE METHOD] Wordpress - Generated AI Article with AI image

    Hello everyone! I'm gonna share something with you today, that I'm sure a lot of you wanted for a really really long time. This is a wordpress plugin that generates article about your keyword (a really long one actually) and adds an image to the post automatically. All you need to do is give...
  13. Snqke

    What is The Best AI Re-Writing Tools?

    Hello Guys, I'd like to get some suggestions for a re-writing tools for my blog? Thanks
  14. SEO Duke

    AI Content With Human Touch?

    Making a site with AI content with some human touch,is it a good decision?
  15. Kinu Actaz

    The Best AI writer I have ever seen

    Sorry for the clickbait title I’m very desperate because I was searching for the best AI writer so I went through all the discussions here about AI tools. But it seems the people that are replying are hired by these AI services. A lot of promotional stuff. One claims ‘Writer A’ produces better...
  16. RAP

    [WTB] - 50 AI Generated Articles for tier2 links

    I want to buy 50 AI generated articles. Will be used for tier 2. Requirements: - Adult niche (nothing strange, very easy to write about it) - Minimum 1000 words each. Minimum. Each. - Unique - They do not have to be perfect, if there are some grammar errors / strange statements does not...
  17. Bigcookies

    Group Buy article forge

    I recently made a thread in a different section of the forum about finding a reliable service to group buy article forge I am here once again asking the same question in a different section of the forum since then I did a little research and so far the best price I can find is $15 but there are...
  18. Bloodseeker

    I got this AI writer and I guess I'm gonna settle

    After spending hundreds of dollars on finding the closest competitor to Jasper, I guess I'm ending my quest with Peppertype. I won't say it's the closest, but it's definitely better than the rest. I've tried WordHero, Rytr, Nichesss, ClosersCopy, WriterZen, Bramework, and yes, Jasper, I came...
  19. G

    Ai writer for sex doll blog

    we sell sex doll online, and want to find a ai writing tool for sex doll blog. Do you have any suggestions, thanks for your attention.