ai art

  1. pozor

    Making a AI girl - Looking for source of knowledge

    Hello BHW like in title i was looking for course or tutorials with making a AI girl
  2. Design_ohne_Titel_36.jpg


  3. Heixenberg

    OpenAI SORA Thoughts

    What are your thoughts on the new Openai model Sora? Do you guys have some money-making ideas for this when it's out ( other than selling movies to Netflix) ?
  4. BullseyeZ

    (UHQ) Best Free Way to Run Stable Diffusion Automatic1111 on Every Single PC

    Hello and welcome to my first written BHW tutorial! I think that it's a good think to help the world, so that's why I share my private method and notebook. Today you will learn how to use Stable Diffusion for free on the best Google Colab alternative. This method is very good for people who...
  5. BullseyeZ

    Best way to get views/impressions, likes and followers

    Hello, BlackHatWorld users! I'm an AI Artist with an experience of over a year in the AI Art Generation field (with Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Dall-E etc.) and recently I created 3 social media accounts to showcase my artworks (1 on Twitter, 1 on Instagram and 1 on Reddit). Started posted on...
  6. br1go

    [HIRING] Prompt Engineer + Retoucher for Social Media

    We need to create visual content for our social media (primarily, Instagram). That's an unusual and extremely creative job. 15-30 images + 10 stories. Workflow for static images: 1. Come up with related topics based on the existing style and products. 2. Generate images with AI. 3. Remove...
  7. ATuringtest

    Do you Want to create logos/pictures etc, with AI that can actually do text ?

    Then look no further.. go to Ideogram AI I love this site, now I can make loads of stuff with actual written words .. :) For example : @BassTrackerBoats :) Enjoy !!!
  8. D

    My AI platform + your marketing/traffic

    Hello All. My AI content platform with sales funnels. Everything from product, updates and customer support on me. If you know some way to generate sales or leads like SEO Email Marketing Ads Affiliate Marketing Sms Marketing Your Mass DM/traffic method ETC. We can make thousands of dollars...
  9. Pleksa

    How to monetise ai image generation?

    I've been using a website called Midjourney for some time now to make cool images and I've gotten really good at it, I'm wondering if You have any ideas to monetise this besides the usual "start a print-on-demand", I had an idea to start a twitter page and promote a course, other than that any...
  10. Artist101

    Hello friends!

    Hi, I am artist101, one more newbie here! I know how to clone voices using AI (speech, singing, maybe even moaning haha). Let me know if you need something! Thanks for having me
  11. Deadlight

    ✅ Spoon-fed Guide ✅ The SEO Content Kit 1.0 ⚡ Get Faster Rankings Using GPT-4, Reddit, Quora, PAA & Related Searches!

    The SEO Content Kit 1.0 ⚡ Get Faster Rankings Using GPT-4, Reddit, Quora, PAA & Related Searches! If your AI content isn't indexing or ranking high, it most likely never will (If you don't do this)... To be completely honest most AI content writing tools are not that great Not because the...
  12. sayan1

    AI speedpaint videos

    Has anyone heard of the ways to fake art creation process videos with AI? Basically generate a speedpaint? Heard somewhere it's possible but I personally could not confirm it. I'm artist an myself, but I really need ways to speed up the content generation process.
  13. Morethanpanel

    Best AI Reels Making Tools

    Hey Guys! Im looking for AI website for create reels videos ( max 0.40 sn )for my youtube channel. There is lots of websites for this but I get little bit confused. Whats your advice?
  14. Bala911

    AI generated 3D logo - Need Expert Advise

    Below is the link of the image I've managed to create using an AI generator for a logo. I'm happy with this iconic look of the logo. But I'm confused on how I can use it. It's a must to have a flat icon? Will it look weird if I have the 3D look as it is on my marketing collaterals like business...
  15. C

    How to make $ with AI generated art?

    I've been racking my brain over this one. It generates a ton of content. Good quality content too. Both NSFW and SFW content. But it's all free. And there's tons of it. You definitely won't make any $ selling the pictures themselves. There's 1000s of them up for grabs completely free.
  16. PSTNET

    ChatGPT, Dalle-2 and other AIs: How to Use Them for Marketing, Analytics and Programming

    You must be a hermit or a loner if in 2023 you haven’t heard about neural networks in general and ChatGPT, Dalle-2, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion in particular. Amazing developments from OpenAI and other Big Tech allow users to generate images and text responses to almost any request in real...
  17. russellcool

    [JV] My AI Text to Image Website + Your Customer

    Hey, I created a simple AI Text to Image Website for somebody, but they didn't want it. My AI Text to Image Website + Your Customer, Shitcoin communities are creating these kinda websites to gain people trust. I have a live demo if you want to check it out. Telegram Me If you are...
  18. Deadlight

    ✅ NEW Midjourney Feature: "/blend" ✅ Combine two images and make new content

    My mind is racing with the possibilities. This feature will allow you to get more precise images for your blogs, videos, and social media posts.
  19. Deadlight

    ✅ Next Level AI Generated Human Images!! ✅ Stable Diffusion Protogen x3.4 Release!

    I have been using Mid journey and am very satisfied with the results Food and inanimate objects come out great in Mid journey Except when I try to generate people The hands, limbs, and body parts in Mid-journey would come out very grotesque. Example: The new stable diffusion release...
  20. tattooedbuddha

    Lets play a game with Ai images!

    I've been playing around with Midjourney a lot lately, and was curious what image ideas you guys have. But to make it more interesting, I'll be adding a twist to your image ideas, and the final result will be quite interesting and fun. Final images will be posted in reply to the original idea...
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