ahrefs account for free

  1. Kurdistan

    I need ahrefs.com account

    Hi, I have a website: [Mod edit] and I need to make keyword research for my website, but since I'm using the free plan, I can not do that. So I need to buy a cheap ahrefs acc for my website. Thank you in advance for the help!
  2. theIMMachine

    Does anyone have an extra Ahrefs license to share?

    Hi I was using a groupbuy seo tool (flikover) & it got a 20/day domain search limit. If any of you having an extra license to share, it would be really helpful. Also please suggest any groupbuy seo tools which might not be having such a limitation.
  3. I

    Ahrefs Trial Method Not Working - Any Fix?

    In the past, we could have just used a different email id and same credit card same address, and name (everything) to create an ahrefs trial account, but it's not working anymore. I need 10 Ahrefs Trial Accounts every month with direct login, Any solution people?
  4. john carry

    Can anyone Export Ahref and Semrush reports

    Hi Guys, I need your help. can anyone export aherf report one of my competitor?
  5. Tekie

    [GET] Free Ahrefs Premium Access for 14 Days - No Card Required

    Hey Guys, I am already using this free promoptional access for 14 days. I needed to know if you guys want it. I'll post it if you guys are up for this. VOTE IF YOU WANT ;)
  6. Sidhant224

    How To Get Ahrefs Premium account for Free!

    Ahrefs is not free ....It's Costly but you can get Ahrefs for free by the given trick. Steps To Get Free Ahref Premium Account : At First, You need a Fake Paypal Account (Personal/Business), anyone! For People who live in India ( like me), it's not easy to create Paypal Account without...