#affiliate marketing for noobs

  1. Waifu_tatyana

    How to monetize a vast college student email list I've come across.

    I stumbled upon an email list of around 100k students from different US colleges. Suggest me the best way to launch an email campaign (which affiliate programs/network works best for email promotion, can I directly place affiliate link/cpa link in email instead of creating a landing page , which...
  2. D


    Just started a new affiliate program in the digestive health supplement space any tips on how to recruit affiliates?
  3. NebulaBoo

    Best Affiliate Tracking/Managing Tool

    Hello, I have a website with 150k monthly unique users and few products to up-sell. Currently I use App-flyer to track downloads of my apps. I was thinking of starting Affiliate program to offer a % of each download. Tested it with few influencers - works perfectly fine. However, tracking each...
  4. msadax

    Journey to better life starts now!

    Hello everyone! Im 18yo teenager from middle europe country(not so poor, but poor people here dont want to take any action with their lives). I've been watching this site for about 2years. 1 year ago I created my account. Since then my view on the world has changed. By IM i have earned something...
  5. KnowledgeAble

    The Understanding of Affiliate Marketing or AM

    According to all of my research over AM I learned several things that I'm going to state and if there is anything I miss please point it out because I'm still new to this. Notes Vocabulary Autoresponder - Prewritten emails set to send to many people at set times squeeze page- A website that...