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  1. K

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems A friend of mine got 600 clicks and 0 conversions, That's disturbing. He got confused at first, he thought it might be a scam on the side of the vendors. But he resolved that thought saying they won't have displayed the...
  2. Didou

    Different type of Affiliate Marketing's Blogs

    Hello BHW Members I'm thinking of making an Affiliate blog, what I'm looking to know is do I really need to write content for every product I will promote, or there's another type of Affiliate Blogs that don't write articles , maybe it looks a bit a weird question but the problem is my English...
  3. C

    Free PLR Products Download Blog

    I was wondering if I could get some input from the forum members on this one. I have a few Blogger blogs, and I recently got into private label rights. Since starting my PLR marketing campaign, I've compiled quite a collection of PLR products (ebooks, software, articles, etc.). I got a lot...
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