affilate products

  1. RichKIDLK

    How to find good affiliate programs/ products from web?

    Hi friends, I need to find some good affiliate programs in these niches. Not from the wholesale marketplaces such as amazon, clickbank. Need to find individual companies who offering these affiliate programs for below niches. home improvement kitchen products health and lifestyle related...
  2. B

    Affiliate Marketing product for email marketing

    Hi Group Mates, I work in marketing department of an IT company so I generate database (about 120 to 150 acc / day) of RPC majority of the people are from software development back ground. So can anyone please suggest me any niche which I can sell to these people, if affiliate product is for...
  3. JB2302

    sick of my disturbing idea - GAME OVER FOR ALL OF US

    a lot and lot of pople use google , what if google manages to do list the produt right away in the serch result from the shopping website, and able to perform a simple comarisn without even have the sercher going inside any blog using some smart AI , and earn from the affilate of the purchase -...
  4. A

    How to sell my affiliate product on social network

    Hi friends, I am a newbie in affiliate program. I want to know how can I sell my affiliate products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network. I need a walkthrough about the methods and techniques of promotion. I would be very greatfull if any of you can provide a link of video...