affilate landing pages

  1. justmeus

    Need help improving my landingpage conversion (affiliate marketing consultation)

    Hey guys! I was running an affiliate offer very effective through Quora and Reddit. I decided to build a landingspage to catch data with the pixel to increase conversion. But ever since i released my landingpage my conversion dropped massively. Because the funnel is pretty complicated i'm open...
  2. PatronE Osem

    Cpa+Instagram Method Journey to make 10$-120$/day- NEED HELP!

    Hello everyone, i wish u to help help and help me, bcs you don't know how ur help will make me happy. I'm very newbie to Cpa Network Marketing. Sorry for my shitty english Im gonna talk a about my life story here (u can move down to the method if u dont want to read): I live on a shitty...
  3. Y

    CPA and CPS are needed

    Hello, everyone! I need help and your suggestion about affiliate program and will appreciated that! I have a small russian turism agency that offers unique products and services to foreign people that come to Moscow (our audience is male between 30-60 years old). So we are looking for a...
  4. D

    most profitable niche for seo

    Hi, I have the budget and ability to do seo for any niche and rank high. I want to set up affiliate programs or ad sense on any sites that could bring good traffic from high rank keywords. Please let me know if any advices. Thanks
  5. Y

    New to seo and affiliate traffic sites. Guidance please?

    Hey guys, Can anyone point me to good threads to get me started in seo and tricks i can learn. As well I was very interested in getting into creating affiliate sites that will be sending traffic to mother sites. Please point me to some good threads to learn and master seo to improve the...
  6. E

    We need Injury Claims Lead Referrers , £15 each form submission and £150 for conversion

  7. W

    How Do I Create Custom Afflilate Links To Specific Product Pages

    Hello Blackhat World, I'm a newbie publisher and I'm about to pull my hair out trying to find relevant information on creating a custom link for specific products my affiliates offer. While some of my affiliates provide a product feed - some don't and only offer me their basic landing page...
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