1. B

    Any affiliates making a decent conversion on body building supplement niche?

    Hi! Is there any affiliates making a decent conversion in the body building supplement niche? If yes, we want you! If someone is interested, ETB is now looking for affiliates (limited slots only) our basic offer can be found below and if you want a detailed information of our offer, please drop...
  2. F

    have i made a mistake in chosing an affiliate company

    Hi, i have signed up to an affiliate program for the first time and its been 2 months now and i havent seen any sales at all from the program whilst my site still makes sales naturally without the affiliates. i was hoping the affiliate program to generate extra sells but no success in this at...
  3. S

    Looking for Affiliates ,high commission rate

    Hey guys, i'm own a webstore that offers a large scale of cd keys and game time cards for PC/MAC, Xbox 360, Wii and PSN games. You can see the games and prices at our site code4game com. I'm looking for affiliates and we have affiliate program that free to join.If you are operating an online...
  4. U

    Looking For New Affiliates

    My development team just finished 2 new products these will be selling at $27 with an affiliate commission set at 70%. The best part is the affiliate platform we are testing doesn't require the product to have a money back guarantee. Also they pay commissions every two weeks. These products...
  5. B

    Macrosoft Products - Need Affiliates!

    Well if any of you guys remember the SEO backlinker i posted on forums a long time ago, guess what? The Macrosoft team is back! We redid the ENTIRE program from ground up and we developed 3 other softwares while we were at it! Anyways, here goes our line up: - SEO Manipulator: Backlinker...
  6. S

    Affilliate Marketing Legal Collections

    Last month I did roughly $15,000 worth of sales for an advertiser. Despite the fact that I had been driving traffic with a BH method the prior year they never had an issue with the traffic or making payments to me on a monthly basis. Out of no where they took issue with it this last month and...
  7. ph4dge

    Advice needed about debt / finance site

    I'm am currently setting up a debt consolidation membership site and wanted some feedback from affiliates that have promoted this kind of thing in the past. Anything to do with debt / finance / credit etc.. Want to know what you would expect to find in the members section. Please be as...
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