affilaiate marketings

  1. T

    What are your thoughts on this website idea?????

    I want to ask for an opinion on whether it is a good idea to create a website like The Odin Project, but in Serbian. However, to first learn what the Internet is and other basics, then digital marketing and then programming, and to put some affiliate links but generally everything should be...
  2. O

    Affilialte marketing Newbie (ANY TIPS)

    Hi, I was thinking of starting with Affilate marketing. I had a little experience in SEO , Email Marketing . I want to start it as Part time. I have lot of questions regarding AM. Is there any course reccomedation for me to start. As there are lof of partner programs Amazon, Clickbank...
  3. designer style

    Need a Blackhat/whitehat CPA method!

    Need a Blackhat OR whitehat CPA method, please if you have a method share it with me have started CPA marketing
  4. E

    Do I need a landing page for SOI adult webcam site?

    Hi I want to drive traffic from TrafficJunky to my SOI adult cam site!!! Do I need a Landing page to do that?
  5. J

    Link In Bio vs Blog With CBO

    Hi, I have a decent size organic traffic in health niche. I am trying to promote top 5 CB health offers. What would be better for the user if he or she goes to my link: • A link in bio kindof tool with direct CB links to top 5 cbo • Or a small informational blog which highlights the top 5 cbo...
  6. L

    How can I find this website?

    I want to use the same website that this person is using on tiktok but I dont see any affilate program there , they find content ready ( product short videos ) and then post them on tiktok , anyone can tell me how can I create the same websitw like hi , becouse In the end of url you can see...
  7. S

    can you help me please in this step " 10K PER MONTH / PASSIVE INCOME"

    Hello how are you today I thank everyone on this forum I kind of have an Instagram experience And I want to build passive income that exceeds ten thousand dollars a month And I am very sure of this number I have chosen the niche that I will work on Soon I will try to build a strategy for...
  8. Prem1510

    How affiliate conversations tracked?

    How the coupon sites track the data of the users and give cashback websites like coupondunia,grabon,pouringpounds which saas are using for tracking customers data and affiliate onversations?
  9. Selo53

    Searching somone for Help - Affiliate Amazon/Shopify/Clickbank

    hello dear bhw lovers, i came from germany to this wonderful platform. i am not so fit in the world of IM, so i am looking for a freelancer or partner to accompany me on my way to affiliate programs in germany, be it shopify, amazon or clickbank. Maybe someone from germany is also here and can...
  10. Mary2050

    6 Digital Marketing Tips for Marketers in 2020

    If you are looking for some digital marketing tips, you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to discuss 6 of the most effective online marketing tips and tricks. With these tips, you are most likely to enjoy great results. 1. Optimize your site for Voice Search According to...
  11. Traveling Affiliate

    Good Affiliate ? Good Money !

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good affiliate that wants to make good money !! we have a few offers, but the top one is crypto, If you think that we can work together, I'm waiting for your message! Skype - live:.cid.753afdec6bc3f554 Email - [email protected]
  12. B

    .me domain

    Guys, I have a .me domain can it rank on Google in us or do you have any method to buy hosting or domain for free
  13. vimal85

    Best Affiliate program/Website in 2019?

    Hi everyone, I am an beginner to affiliate marketing and sort of confused about where to start my affiliate career. Can you please help me out in finding the best affiliate program/website to join and earn. Please suggest, Whether affiliate program which can be used with Facebook ads/ Google...
  14. S

    I want to know about them Affprofile & Mainstream Offers

    Hello Guys, Help Posting......... I'm new to affiliate marketing,I can not find any traffic sources like this, I used to work in a traffic source a few days ago, I need some good traffic sources, Please help me .. Thanks
  15. Shropdog

    Where can i list my new affiliate program to to get seen by affiliate marketeers?

    So my own business has just launched a new affiliate program, and as this is all completely new to me i wanted some advice as where to list it and place it etc to get exposure and to get affiliates to sign up please? I dont want to say too much about the program as i dont want to be seen as...
  16. B

    Affiliate Marketing product for email marketing

    Hi Group Mates, I work in marketing department of an IT company so I generate database (about 120 to 150 acc / day) of RPC majority of the people are from software development back ground. So can anyone please suggest me any niche which I can sell to these people, if affiliate product is for...
  17. Mr.Shamir

    How to look for a niche

    Very simple and stupid question yet has a lengthy complex answer to it maybe , Yet i had to ask because im still learning. what if i have 50 usd to start a website and a year of time in my hand to invest in it, so my first step of action would be to pick a topic or/ niche but there are several...
  18. Alycia Lucero

    Newbie introduction

    Hey guys I’m alycia, I work in adult intertainment I’m a new webcam plus size model and looking for any good Info on making money with chaturbate or any other good companies n I’m always looking in how to expand my income and i want info on marketing and my adult website or any sponsors I’m all...
  19. C

    Need help with affiliate marketing for my website

    So I am offering a Social Media Service and looking to drive more clients and wanting to setup an affiliate program but don't know how to get started and what is fair to offer. I was thinking around $30 per sale is what I would pay out, but I have no idea how to track all that. I have google...
  20. Md.sourov Ahmed

    What is the best way to promote cpa offer

    Hey guys, I am a digital marketer and a blogger. At this time,i have been starting cpa marketing, I have knew some way about promote cpa offer. Now my question is: Does anybody knew better idea about cpa offer promotion
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