1. T

    shadow banned on adwords?

    Is it possible to be shadow banned on google adwords? The reason I ask is because i had a campaign last few months it was getting good cpc for installs and good volume on impressions daily. That app then got suspended on Play, I then set up the exact same campaign for a different app which...
  2. GMB Experts

    Ask me anything about the big G [GOOGLE]

    I will try to answer any question that i know about google.. been learning them daily for the past 8 years.. Pros: My Business Adwords Local Search and some SEO. try to ask questions regarding this 4, mostly my knowledge. Go.
  3. S

    Cloak affiliate link from adwords - prevent disapproved ads

    Hello, I have a web site which I have promote with adwords ads. In the pages I've posted the ad I have outbound links to affiliate networks and google disapprove my ads when see the links of affiliates with reason "miscellaneous or unwanted software". When i write email to google support, they...
  4. hYpeZz

    JustCloakIt Help

    Hey bhw, I bought JustCloakIt recently and I'm trying to set up the adwords cloaking campaign, I'm having trouble with setting display url and final url because there's only final destination url when creating ad words campaign, how to bypass this or am I missing something? MrBlackJack didn't...
  5. B

    Adwords Promotional Code Trade for Facebook Promotion Code

    Hi there, I'm a member of the Google Engage program and the All Star program so I get to generation my own promotional codes for my clients. I'm looking to trade so of them (10 at max) for facebook codes. Any takers? PM me!
  6. S

    AdWords content traffic Not converting . very strange. Possible [JV]

    Hey guys, I have Finlay succeeded in find my way to operate and keep multi Adwords high budget accounts. it changes all the time so you need to maximize any back door you got if you know what i mean. I am running on one of them a diet content campaign (can you believe it? ) and i have a...
  7. N

    No-Spend AdWords Credit

    Anyone know any Adwords coupon codes that give free credit without requiring you to spend a certain amount first?