adwords tracking template

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    Need a pro web developer/cloaking/coding expert.

    Must know/have experienced how to set up cloaker. advanced level preferred. Must have experienced in making google ads tracking link. I will provide the cloaker and guide how to use the cloaker. I will tell in more details after you reply. Thanks.
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    CPA Offer Tracking

    Hi, Guys i am kind of new into CPA marketing. I have been running ads from past few month now and earning decent with it.However, i have very little knowlegde of Adword keyword tracking and how to get rid of non converting keywords.So, i have questions for all of you please, help me out here if...
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    How to Use Tracking Template to redirect a different domain on Adwords?

    Can anyone tell me how to use tracking template to get user to a different domain than the one mentioned in the ad copy?