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  1. Luced

    What should be my next project?

    All my projects are completed for 2022. I am free for the next 5-6 months. Therefore, thinking of starting a new project. But I'm confused between the two. 1. Start a niche affiliate website - Choose a micro niche, write articles about it, and link with amazon. 2. Sell an online course -...
  2. Yupwork

    Need Advice about Crypto Trading Guide

    Hi Guys I think it's the time to learn more about the market, cause like I saw on some crypto channel and read on some blog, this summer gonna be lazy & the majority of coins gonna sleep or down because the federal reserve increase the inflation and the USD gonna explosions ... like the...
  3. G

    Hello Fam!

    Well, I found this place thorough a documentary on Netflix, I am a designer and I have been working hard for long time ago in many different projects, I am an entrepreneur person always thinking how can I do some business, I have many of ideas and some of them I actually put in practice, but for...
  4. Yupwork

    I Spend 6000$ & 2 years and I Get 200$ In return Need Your Advice TO INVESTING

    Hi BHW Members Two years ago I leave my work and I start IM, so I was so excited to work I meet friends and we worked together we started on YouTube making summary football match, bought some subscribe and likes to increase our chance on trends but after some months Youtube surprised us...
  5. Inahson

    Am I on the right track?

    Hi everyone, Am new into blogging and recently I designed my first website. The site is a multi-site which covers different niches like news (local and the world), latest trends, entertainment, politics, health etc. With some efforts, have been able to drive 57 unique traffics to the site...
  6. M

    Big Mistake From Godaddy

    Hello Friends I Wanted To Register An Account in some App .. So They Accept Only U.s Phone Numbers.. I Bought An U.s Number phone From Godaddy And all Gone Fine .. Until I Entered That Number On The App To Get Verification SMS .. But It begins to display a blank dialog with Error Msj Says //...
  7. M

    Solve Verification Sms

    Hello Friends I Wanted To Register An Account in some App .. So They Accept Only U.s Phone Numbers.. I Bought An U.s Number phone From Godaddy And all Gone Fine .. Until I Entered That Number On The App To Get Verification SMS .. But It begins to display a blank dialog with Error Msj Says //...
  8. IG Growth

    What would you guys do?

    I will give you a brief summary of what is happening to me, so I will start. I am 16 years old, I live in Venezuela and I am on my way of learning many things that I am passionate about. But other things that change my lifestyle, such as the economy of my house and what is currently happening...
  9. UziVert

    Could u advise something for a novice linkbuilder?

    I just started doing this, but I am very serious and I think that everything will work out with your help. Could you advise me something to improve my skills?:)
  10. nifras

    [Give your advice] Rank Or Drop shipping business

    Hello everyone, So i comes with another question about my journey currently i am running two site one is old 2017Amz aff & adsense new 2020 adsense site so i planned get into dropshipping business already order one website from bhw marketplace it will delivery next sunday so my question is...
  11. Emmanuel A

    Advice needed

    Firstly I don't know if this should be here. If not please admin should move it to the right section. Thanks. Okay please I have an idea of some scripts, but am just a beginner in PHP, so am thinking of hiring someone from Fiverr(definitely). But the problem is that I wish to get the script...
  12. el_Greco

    LF- Advice on reselling services

    Hello BHW, Today I got an offer from a web development and design company about hiring me as a freelancer, with a 20% commission per sale. Sounds good to me but the catch is that they want me to call clients to "close more sales". They provide a business email and a phone app which I can call...
  13. Louis Timothy Dioso

    I need some advice and motivation

    So it has been 2 months since I started a CPA website and its niche is giveaway and sweepstakes. I just need some advice because till now I am not earning money and I invest some money for advertisements just last 2 weeks. I know it will be a tough road for me and as they say "The faster things...
  14. nothingman

    Need Help - Need Adviсe

    Friends, I need advice. I got into a very difficult situation for myself over the past 9 years. I have never had such a small amount of money on a card. If you are interested, this is 20 dollars. Yes, this is not a joke. It is just a disaster. I successfully traded Bitcoin on Bitmex ((((. And...
  15. X

    Problem with my Facebook Group

    I know that know pages are not worth to grow organically so now i explain you my situation : I have a facebook page that have 11klikes and i was having always great engagement and all of the sudden the last month Facebook killed my reach i tried everything possible nothing worked , with this...
  16. X

    [OFFICIAL] Facebook Pages are Dead in 2019

    Today i saw a very good article about the death of organic reach in facebook pages see the picture now the problem comes to that i have past 1 year (i am just in the begining and i am doing this just on side because 90% of my focus are on Instagram) and i have a page that her reach is verry dead...
  17. X

    [Advice] Do you tell someone that you don't go to College

    Hi , i wanted to create this thread because now i stopped to go to college and the problem is that all my friend i tell them that i still go to College just to wait that i earn some good money and have a good financial situation then i can tell it to everybody i think the reason behind it is...
  18. UuuU1245

    How to create a good shoutout and satisfy your client?

    As the title says I wanna know how can I create a decent shoutout that will satisfy my client, my IG account is Moto based niche and Has 10k followers with 2% engagement, I will appreciate any ideas or help.
  19. B

    Very niche email database worth?

    Hello, I have collected over 18,000 emails account through my small business. We are located in an attraction park where we take pictures of visitors(mostly tourists) while they are doing attractions & tours and sell them the pictures digitally and they download the pictures through a cloud...
  20. Dolmaa

    I hit a wall with affiliate program?

    Im currently dabbling in web hosting affiliate programs and I am having a very hard time getting leads for some time now, my plan or method is pretty solid in terms of conversion so I have no problem getting the sale, my issue is getting the lead to begin with. I have tried targeting facebook...