Do you know anything about hetcash?

    Does anyone in this group have experience working with a company called hetcash? If yes please share your experience. I am planning to work with them but don't know a lot about their company. Tried to find on google but nothing much showed as result.
  2. R

    About myself

    :p Hi everyone,my name is Ryan and I am a worker in China which looking for CPI and real Android Traffic. Our budget is large monthly and the volume will be limitless. If you have resources or interested, please contact me in any time~ Like the black style of this forum, and people around...
  3. keynes

    Finding advertisers that want to buy guest posts?

    Hey BHW, I'm going to try to keep this short. I'm an advertiser, I buy sponsored content for my clients every week. I have a huge list of sites that sell guest posts, and a good understanding of what it means to buy them. I've been doing this for 2 years now. I want to experience the other...
  4. P

    Looking Specific Offer

    Hi BHW members! Im looking for Adult&Dating offer specifically ALT.COM that allowed Chat Traffic.
  5. Harley Quinn

    I look for advertisers who accept dating traffic on API CPC

    Hi! I look for advertisers who accept dating traffic on API CPC. Please, advise
  6. G

    DoubleClick for Advertisers Report

    Hi, As the title mentioned I need the report for my campaign data. I will provide you data you just need to create the report. Review the file and provide your insights and analysis of the data set (including but not limited to, graphs, tables, dashboards etc) Interested & experience...
  7. P

    Looking for Adult&Dating offer, specifically ALT.COM

    Hello BHW family, I'm a publisher and mainly working in Adult&Dating verticals. I'm looking for the ALT.COM offer with good rate and No CB restrictions and weekly payout. Anyone has an offer for this and let me get an account.
  8. fmbaba01

    Any Private Offer/Advertizer with this Affiliate Criteria?

    Is there any Private Affiliate program with these criteria? -- must have good conversion rate.(must be spelt out) -- must have a reoccurring billing and pay likewise. -- cookies must be either lifetime or a minimum of 90days. -- the offer can be any niche and vertical but MUST BE HIGHLY...
  9. T

    Crypto Traffic CPL $$$

    Do you have direct Crypto offers?? If you do, amazing because we will get you reach, no joke. We have a gold mine who generates lots of quality leads that turns into deposits like you've never seen before.
  10. M

    I need Advertisers in maylaysia and singapore, Anyone here?

    Anyone here?
  11. Rakesh Mohanty

    Nutra CPA ad network needed

    Hi All, We want to run a campaign (nutra CPA). Any recommended ad network who can accept these advertisers? Thanks,
  12. Bane Bentley

    How do Ad Networks Find Publishers?

    I have a bit of a problem/idea. I've found a few different websites, that combined have over 10 million UV's. Their problem is that most ad networks just kick them out, so they can't monetize their traffic. I was thinking I can try my hand at starting a small ad-network, but after doing some...
  13. A

    How to get "advertisers" for a new CPA network !! Adult/Dating Offer

    Hey Guys I will be thinking about whether any of you could enable me to out with this!! I'm hoping to begin my own particular CPA network!!!- to the extent I can advise it's not very difficult to get it together of publishers!!!- - in any case, I have no clue how/where to attach with...
  14. Time Saving

    Best Solution for Video is not suitable for all Advertisers

    Recently we get this problem: This Video is not suitable for any of Advertisers after new updated for youtube advertising. in this video we resolved this problem with a very simple way
  15. neeganate

    Pay Per Call - Direct Advertisers?

    Have been running some decent volume on PPIC (Pay per inbound call) offers. But I have been reviewing calls audio and IVR systems have been seriously hurting my conversions. Anyone have suggestions on finding offers or advertisers that go directly to solid call centers or sales reps? Offering...
  16. mobidea team

    4 reasons why advertisers are capping your mobile campaigns

    Capping… This word doesn’t have one singular, single meaning in the affiliate marketing business. Indeed, when media buyers read this word, their mind automatically flies to this definition: capping is the number of views a specific IP user will see your ads within a specific period e.g. if I...
  17. I

    Self-Serve Bring-Your-Own-Advertisers CPA Service?

    Hello. I apologize if this sounds an easy question but I've searched everywhere on Google can't find the answer. My question: I have developed a custom C# ASP.NET website which is doing ok and my sales team now want to target specific advertisers to pay for banner ad placement. That's all fine...
  18. Rabiul Biplob

    Need Dating advertiser for my Small network

    I have small CPANetwork . Already I have 500 Publisher but active 100-150 now . Need some good Dating offer . Can you help me or have someone who can give me a suggestion or offer my network ? I have pixel and postback system .. My sky.p.e rabiul982 Thanks
  19. Rabiul Biplob

    How to get "advertisers" for a new CPA network !! ANY Offer

    Hi Guys I will be wondering if any of you could help me out with this!! I'm looking to start my own CPA network!!!- as far as I can tell it's not too hard to get a hold of publishers!!!-- but I have no idea how/where to hook up with advertisers????:confused: other networks have 300 to...
  20. M

    clickbank vs real advertisments?

    ok bhw, thanks for stopping by. what would u guys think to do. lets say hypothetically I got 300,000 visitors a day to my site. would you guys rather put a couple clickbank ebooks on their or invest in some real advertisers such as GoPro, Pandora, Facebook, or whoever wants to advertise on my...
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