1. darkozrinski

    Marketer, Adservers and adnetworks

    Hello, my name is Darko, I am the marketer, publisher and advertiser. Recently found out about that Forum and am excited to learn more about ads and marketing. YOu guys have really huge knowledge here. Any advertisers or publishers here? See you around!
  2. Alexbor

    Current state of affairs in the adult / mainstream, gray vertical.

    Good day! I would like to hear your opinion on the current state of affairs in the adult / mainstream, gray vertical. For example: - Something from personal experience - Where/how do you look for advertisers and new offers - What media resources, instant messengers, groups, etc. use Actually...
  3. L

    Any ad networks accept visa gift card as payment?

    I'm looking to be an advertiser for a streaming site. Are there any good ad networks that accept visa gift card as payment? Thanks
  4. Gravitylab advertiser signup

    Hello people, i need help in advertising over like google and bing. but i cannot find the advertiser login page. can someone help me if there is anyway to signup for their traffic?.. or if someone can give me a video on it, cos im new to it. thank u so much all
  5. Rosalíaa

    where can I buy cheap adult traffic?

    I want to buy adult traffic for my website but if i want to sign up on some providers they want company name (i do not have a company), tax and a lot of information. :oops: do you know where I can buy it without giving out so much information as an advertiser? I would be really happy if someone...
  6. S

    Looking for affiliates or people selling leads for digital marketing company

    Does anyone know of a good ,or if one exists, affiliate network which pairs you with potential affiliates to sell your product . I’m not looking for a warrior plus /clickbank type network where affiliates choose it looking for a network which recommends affiliates for me to contact and sign on...
  7. LuckyOnline

    Looking for direct advertisers!

    Hey guys! We are a global CPA network that has a lot of high-quality traffic for Nutra and cosmetic offers! And we are looking for direct advertisers all around the world! Hope for mutually beneficial collaboration! Please reach us if you are interested to discuss - Skype (dasha_013) or...
  8. P

    Looking for specific Offer.

    Hi BHW members! Im looking for Adult&Dating offer specifically ALT.COM that allowed Chat Traffic.
  9. fmbaba01

    Any Private Offer/Advertizer with this Affiliate Criteria?

    Is there any Private Affiliate program with these criteria? -- must have good conversion rate.(must be spelt out) -- must have a reoccurring billing and pay likewise. -- cookies must be either lifetime or a minimum of 90days. -- the offer can be any niche and vertical but MUST BE HIGHLY...
  10. P

    Hi bhw, I'm an advertiser

    Hi bhw, I’m promoting websites and their programs. Now I wait while the administration of the forum opens the topic with my advertisement.
  11. Dennis Pedersen


    Hello all BHW people. I have just realized i never made a newbie post, so here we go. I am 32 years old and have been in AM for around 7-8 years now, first as a publisher, then advertiser and now i do advertising and help people with mids. The reason for why i am here is to help others, learn...
  12. Opnx

    Become CPA advertiser (HELP)

    Hi guys, I have a product and wanted to promote it through a CPA network on CPL basis. I don't have any traking software yet. Can you guys suggest me best CPA tracking softwares for advertiser that support S2S tracking? Thanks,
  13. C

    Who has heard of getting Skin Care traffic 69% retention rate?

    Hello Everyone, I need to know if anyone gets very high quality non survey traffic for Skin care products. Feel free to message me Best of Luck.
  14. Eric Lass

    Any Dating offers Advertiser Here?

    I'm behalf of CpaBestOffer . want direct Dating offers Advertiser .is anyone interested. we have fraud detection system also have reliable affiliates .
  15. Eric Lass

    Looking For Dating Affiliates Network Advertiser .

    I am behalf of cpabestoffer .I m looking for a good Dating Affiliates Network Advertiser.. I have my network i just need a good source that pays on time. We focus Dating.
  16. TiagoS

    Watch Out For This Facebook Page Buying Scam

    Today I got a message on my 110 K likes Facebook page of someone interested in buying my page... The offer was quite unusual and completely way off, $8500 (No way a Facebook page that big is worth that). I kinda already knew it was a scam but wanted to see what was the catch. Check the logs ...
  17. D

    Need Affiliate Network Websites

    Hi Guys, I am running a hosting company. We recently launched our affiliate program and now we need the websites where we can list our affiliate program. Please share the websites where i can list my affiliate program and bloggers or advertisers can sign up.
  18. DulalKisku

    Is anyone advertising on CPA ad networks?

    I am new as advertiser on cpa ad network, I just created an advertiser account on Where will i get cpi offer without getting from another 3rd party ad network like spartamobile ? I expect some suggestion before starting the journey.
  19. D

    Hello to BHW

    Hello everyone, I am newbie in internet marketing. Currently I am managing the affiliate program of the company to look for publishers/affiliates to join it. It's great pleasure to be a member of BHW to meet professional people here.
  20. MissF

    Preventing advertiser to know my aff id if coming from my ads

    Hi guys, i really need your help! I was running a cpa offer and the advertiser came from my ads and saw that i'm running some aggressive he pass my aff id to the aff manager and right now i'm banned to run traffic from the whole country, so what i'm looking to do right now is masking...
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