1. Sophie Lee

    Please recommend me some good advertising platforms.

    Hello guys. Our company wants to advertise on some platforms or websites. If you know some good Internet marketing platforms or websites, please kindly let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. survivorghost

    ⚪ GOOGLE ADS (Adword) ⛔ SUSPENSION ⛔

    In the past 10 days I've been struggling with Google ads, trying to start my campaign to no avail. every time I start a campaign I get a red message at top saying that The accounts has been suspended, due to suspicious payment detected. Now I know I am probably doing something wrong, but I...
  3. Mr Crabs

    CBD Oil Compatible Ad networks?

    Howdy lads and lasses! Apologies if this is in the wrong thread. Since FB and Google don't allow advertising of CBD products, do anyone know any Ad networks that do? Thanks in advance for any spicy responses!
  4. 1

    PPC Pals? (Newbie Aff)

    I'm not so new to the internet marketing space, but my passion for it is. I'm tired of dicking around watching tutorials but then not following through with action. I have a bing ads with 50$ in ad credits. I got another coupon for $100 for signing up for web hosting, but when I tried to apply...
  5. B

    Looking For Someone To Scrape Emails and Manage Lists

    I am looking for someone to scrape emails from my chosen sites and organize them for use in our email system. Please PM me
  6. alterego888

    News aggregator website

    Does anyone have any experience making money with this type of niche. For example something similar to the drudge report. Does adsense allow ads on these types of sites since content is not original but comes from other sources. Looks like drudge report uses advertising form adsources. Any...
  7. Dr_And

    Question: What about ???

    Hello Today i am trying to enter the web locker world .. Someone told me that CPA IS sCAM so i searched for another company and i found This one So Anyone has a good Experience with it ???? What about it`s system ???? Wait
  8. FairyRevenue

    I need your help.. Please look here!

    ok well i have a small buisness. i move people local or anywhere in the usa. But what i need help with is finding clients i know there is a market for this. please tell me any ideas to bring in the customers thank you bhw.;)
  9. M

    Just Created A Twitter 83 Followers In One Hour

    So I just created a new twitter account and have 83 followers I did was created 5 multiple accounts with my niches at and ran imacros to randomly put posts into the public timeline which I pre-created....Just let this run promoting your Twitter account and...
  10. B

    any banner add only for $1 per month

    this site is a latest movie and songs download site site page rank:0 alexa ranking: 3,369,925 alexa ranking in india:178,413 site started on date:02-02-2010 visits daily:500-700 page views:2000-2500 if any one intrested can contact me pay ment...
  11. B

    125*125 banner add on my site for only $1per month my site

    my site is a movie and songs site alexa ranking:1,971,642 aleexa ranking in india:158,282 daily visitors:550-600 page impressions:up to 2000 daily
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