1. Alle155

    Best way to cpa with Instagram girl model account?

    Hey i have a instagram page featuring hot girl, i have around 30k followers and followers thinks the girl is owner of the page. how can i make money with cpa with this account?
  2. lokibyheart

    using adult twitter for making money

    hello friends, if you are using adult twitter for making money then i have a bad and sad news for you, twitter have updated their policy on june 6, just yesterday here is their new policy that will hurt us ''accounts dedicated to posting sensitive media – your account may be permanently...
  3. podbot81887

    Investing $1k-$2k to adult ads network! Juicyads, etc..

    Is it worth it to invest my money to adult ads network promoting my adult campaign with a budget $1k-$2k?
  4. V

    Twitter > Landing Page > Crak Revenue - 6 days results and some questions,

    Hello guys, I just started my journey with CR and make my first $18 with them,couldn't be happier :):) I got accepted before few days with just 2 twitter accounts and I am amazed with offers they have. In the meantime I build landing page for cam model. My twitter accounts are less than 10...
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