adult tube site

  1. M

    1M$ ADULT TUBE | TAKE NO. #2

    Yes, starting another journey on an adult website . . . My last one didn't go well because I made many mistakes. BUT NOW, IT'S PAYBACK TIME BABY The setup: - Domain: Namecheap ( I will move it to another registrar soon) - Host: AlexHost ( Just testing things out, let's see how it works) -...
  2. S

    Thousands of Amateur porn videos need to be monetized

    Hi everyone, I have a tube porn site and the majority of my videos are amateur real videos but I'm facing an issue. I have thousands of short videos ( a minute and less) and I don't see it a good user experience if visited my site to open each one for few seconds. So I was looking for a way to...
  3. D

    I need someone who can do SEO for adult tube site

    Experienced and Skilled Person With Also Have Previously Works Done . We do 50/50 of our profit . Come with your experience... Need on page seo only and some tactics to get huge and more traffic from Google and social
  4. Wrath Of God

    Any suggestions for Auto Title Generator plugin/script for Adult Tube Site

    Looking for any suggestions on an Auto title generator plugin or script to integrate with WP Scripts Mass embedder plugin? I need to replace the title of the video that is imported by the Mass embedder plugin. I need the plugin to generate titles from the pool of words I provide. Thank you in...
  5. fxony

    Need Advice for Adult Tube Website

    Hello everyone :) I started adult tube website 7 months ago, bough offshore vps, wp script theme, choosed niche, did on page seo + a lil bit offpage, optimized titles and descriptions, optimized site speed 100/Mobile 100/PC, and it was good 1-2 months i had 500 unique visitors everyday but it...
  6. ziko12345

    [HELP] How to reduce bounce rate on Adult Tube Site

    My site is a week old. Bounce rate is 60% and avergae time is 50 seconds. My traffic is from social media and i dont do any clickbait posts at all. Do you guys have any tips to improve my site? How to lower the bounce rate ?
  7. J

    Embedded Videos From YouPorn Not Working Anymore On Mobile

    You might be in the same boat as me so I'm thinking about what to do next. I always thought embedding videos is the way to go mainly because of the server resources but this makes me think twice. Namely, all the videos embedded from YouPorn are not playing on mobile anymore, instead, every...
  8. Infamous Nik

    My NSFW Subreddit + Your Tube site

    Hello I have a Nsfw subreddit with 23k members. I don't know how to monetize that subreddit. So if you have a tube site and want to post an infinite number of posts to my subreddit and drive traffic to your site then we can do partnership. Profit - I get 40% you get 60 %. If you want more...
  9. kingtigerx

    Adult Tube Site WordPress Plugin

    Hey, How is everyone doing today? With my extra free time that I have available I just put together a free, simple WordPress plugin that allows you to add a highly monetizable, constantly updating, maintenance-free, SEO optimized, mobile-friendly, easy to use, fully loaded adult tube site...
  10. TheBeginner

    [Adult Tube] How to properly make tags, categories etc... i'm lost

    Hello everyone, I started my tube site one month ago now. I already have traffic thanks to my social media accounts but nothing from keyword research. As I want to do things perfectly, i struggle doing a choice about how to properly write categories tags etc.. I have multiple questions : -...
  11. M

    Adult tube website

    Hello, some days ago I created my first adult tube website and I have added like 20 videos till now. I want to ask how am I going to get my first few visitors? I have worked on the SEO of the website and videos by using Yoast SEO but still, I did not get any visitor. I also wanna know how to...
  12. meet thakor

    Is it Possible to start adult tube site with no investment?

    Just few weeks ago I read about Billy Batts Chaturbate guide that motivated me to so something so i applied to CrakRevenue and got approval in next day i was too exited to drive traffic(see some $$)from Instagram , tagged. So for that i headed to pornhub searched Chaturbate cam girl name and...
  13. Icey Dan

    [FREE ADULT TUBE SITE] Loaded with videos & ready to go!

    Hey BHW! I have been working extremely hard on getting everything ready for my new business/service TubeSiteProfits. I plan on creating my BST in the next few days, but I would like to get some real honest reviews from a few lucky forum members prior to launching the thread. I have decided to...
  14. Raunakdope

    Are there any alternatives to

    I am looking for a free adult tube hosting site which allows custom domain for free
  15. Akash Mondal

    Planning to restart my 1 Yr old tube site, need some suggestions..

    Hey yo, all my fellow friends, So, as the title says, I'm thinking to restart my 1+Yr old tube site and need some suggestions regarding this. A little flashback ( You can skip if you wish)- So, around one & half year ago I found a blog, author of which the man named Adrian (yeah, the famous...
  16. G

    Is WP-Script Reliable?

    They have quite the mixed reputation in forums but I look at their site and it seems to be decent, but I cannot make up my mind whether I should invest in them for one site. I have a day job so spending for the plugins are not too bad a deal and they already discontinued their free plugins...
  17. Titanitex

    [JV] Your Adult Traffic + My Adult Sites = $$$$

    I am looking for a partner for my Adult Sites, as I'm focusing on other things and don't have the time to focus on manual traffic methods for my adult sites. Currently, have three sites set up and running, but planning to open many more with the right niches and ideas. (Ready to launch five...
  18. Titanitex

    [Method] Adult Traffic From Reddit 2019

    I've seen a few people on here needing help with getting into the Adult Niches. Also, as you all know (or should know), traffic is the most important thing when doing anything IM. I thought I would share one of the methods that I have used and discovered myself from other people doing it on...
  19. Somanath

    My Adult Tube Site Journey - 2018

    Hello BHW, I will soon be starting my journey with my adult tube site. Thanks to @bluecoder to make this possible for me. This is a fresh start , since I will be starting it on the new year. Will Keep You Updated ... Wishing you all , HAPPY NEW YEAR Thank you SOMANATH
  20. L

    Searching for Programmer to make video upload bot for specific niche tube website

    Hey, I am looking for a programmer to make a bot or small program (preferable mac) to upload videos to a only 1 niche tube adult tube site. The adult tube site works with google captchas.
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