adult sites

  1. King of the Pirates

    My deepfake skills and Verified Adult Sites Accounts + Your Traffic and your Marketing

    Hi Joint Ventures, I'm starting my business, and I'm looking for a business partner who can drive traffics, marketing, also on onlyfans models or any models. Here is what I can do: Verified Adult sites: * P*rnhub * Xvideos * Xhamster * ManyVids Deepfakes: I can capable of creating 100%...
  2. The Heisenberg

    ✅ Adult P0rn Tube Sites ❤️ Only $49 + Discount ✅ READY TO LAUNCH ✅ Mass Embedder ✅ Photo Downloader & Many More ⭐⭐ BUY NOW

    I will create for you a complete porn tube websites, where you can mass upload to videos from 50+ popular websites, for more features, learn more Theme Demo VTube KolorTube FamousTube UltimaTube RetroTube KingTube Check DEMO Plugin Features WPS Mass Embedder WPS Player WPS Single Embedder...
  3. DuckingOutstanding

    Non-Toxic Method For $erious Ca$h From Free Adult Tube Sites

    Hello bhw family, I know there are a lot of newbie adult site webmasters and marketers on this forum, and a whole lot of members looking to dabble in the adult niche. As an SEO practitioner for over 12 years who has been working in the adult niche and operating adult tube sites for the last...
  4. Sartre

    ↗️ List of over 2500 most popular PORN SITES in order of their traffic ranking ↗️

    So, today, I stumbled upon this: Apparently, it's a list of almost ALL porn sites that exist in the world. 500,452 pornographic sites. WOW! Don't tell this to the no-fap guys! Since I already coded that Python script, I decided to...
  5. brunavieira1136

    I have thousands of premium porn videos available for sites

    I have a website with thousands of full length HD videos downloaded from paid sites: Brazzers, Mofos, Babes, Fakehub, Reality Kings, Digital Playground, etc But I get a few daily views only. That's why I'm looking for partners. I can provide you with the videos, and embed them on your website...
  6. D

    Have you ever earned money on the adult site, Xhamster?

    I would like to know about your own experience if you can tell me? Was it hard? how is the traffic? I personally do some homemade lesbian cartoons. Best regards!
  7. D

    Manyvids vs Clip4sales nowadays

    I created an account for Manyvids. I just do adult lesbian cartoons. Some are fetish, others, not. Wich site would be the best for me? What truly also interest me is, how is it going with the traffic. Where could I get more traffic and better sales? Thanks in advance.
  8. U

    make money from adult sites

    how can I make money uploading adult images ?
  9. Alok1688

    Paid traffic for Adult sites

    Hi, Can anyone help me out by directing me toward genuine services or providers who can provide genuine paid traffic for adult sites? Any legit services are also welcome. Thanks
  10. labba20

    My Adult Web sites Journey to 50$ a day

    I have been adult industry since 2014 and i thought it right time for start a Journey thread in Blackhatworld bec i learn many things from this site. My exoClick earning right now. My target is to increase the earning to 25$ a day 2nd earning site is popads My target is to increase the...
  11. Akingee

    Which adults sites allows watermark and domain on title /description

    I don't know if it's the right place to post this question, I need suggestions ad help. I have been reading a lot of methods about porn upload and decided it's time to take actions, I created accounts xvideos, pornhub,Spankwire, txxx,Redtube, youporn,Gotporn, xhamster. I have few questions...
  12. obirambd

    [HELP] Want To Know About Adult Sites Partner Earnings!!!

    Hi BHW Members, Yesterday i saw that if i create a partner account in xhamster, pornhub etc etc. Here they give me $1.25 per 1000 traffic. But i have not understand one things. if my site traffic saw their video in my website which i embedded to my website. in this time can i earn money ??? or i...
  13. seo_seo_seo

    HQ Adult links - Looking to swap (not exchange)

    I have high-quality porn sites - if you have adult-related sites (porn, videos, stories, dating etc.) send me a message. High-quality sites only please - you know what I am talking about :) .
  14. MissAva

    Quick Browse Over My Sites

    Hi Guys (& Gals) I just want someone to browse over my (5 or so) sites and tell me I'm going in the right direction. (not my sassyava site btw). Give me advice. Maybe like an hour worth of consultant work. Obviously Professionals only (with adult website experience). Cheers Ava
  15. -Z-

    Help with content writing

    Hi there, I've been wondering for a while now as I'm still new but writing content for Adult sites, do you guys follow a specific set of rules or are you less rigid and have a way of writing free-form and optimising? If you have any examples to show me as well that would be great.
  16. troy23

    Adult Sites - Can you earn without having a payment processor?

    I am having problems getting a payment processor for my new adult site. I was going to have a VIP section and charge around $5 Is it possible to earn without using a payment processor? I am using WPXTube and Plug Rush. Many thanks Troy
  17. E

    Looking for ADULT blogs hosted in the Philippines where I can advertise.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for adult blogs in the Philippines where I can advertise (place a link/banner pointing to the homepage of my website). Budget per banner is 2,000 php up. Note: adult blogs only with PR 1 UP are accepted PM me here or text me on this number: 09463288835 Thank you guys!
  18. S

    List of adult, porn sites to submit links?

    Hi Everyone, How are you doing all? I am here to discuss some intensed issues or features of SEO to populate and do negative seo. I need a list of porn, adult, casion sites where i can submit links of subsite to do reverse seo. If anyone have such type of list please share here.
  19. X

    Adult site seo - looking for help and advice

    Hello, This is actually my first post, and hoping to get advice and suggestion from anybody. If I violate any forum rules I apologize in advance. Pre panda 3.3 I have built and developed my sites for two years. I achieved 8k hits monthly, and was pulling in some decent cash. I started SEO on...
  20. tcp01

    Hey Guys Is There Adult Sites To Advertise on

    Hey Guys Is There Adult Sites To Advertise on? For example an equivalent to "buysellads" but for adult related/porn websites... I have been searching here like mad, but can't find it.
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