adult gaming

  1. somewebmaster

    Any experience with Nutaku, AdultForce?

    Hi You can find affiliate programs for Nutaku (hentai games) on several other places, but after trying a few of them AdultForce worked the best for me. Now, they offer Rev-share, Pay per free sign-up DOI, and Pay per lead SOI. I started with Rev-share and on the start it was ok, I caught one...
  2. P

    What should be the TARGETED AUDIENCE on INSTAGRAM for Adult Gaming Account

    Hey! I have an account which has adult gaming offers. I need some suggestions about what should be the targeted audience. **Posted on this forum because I get better answers here than SM forum.:D
  3. P

    ADULT GAMING OFFER + INSTAGRAM !! Need Suggestions...

    How about this?! I want some guidance actually, the questions do IG even allow it to do?!! If yes please tell me some good ways I can do it, some strategies or tricks n' tips... Those who have done it earlier can share their experiences as well... Thanks
  4. alice252293

    anyone here had success with adult paysite or adult gaming?

    When it comes to adult affliate networks, We all talk about cam networks like chaturbate, bongacash... I'm just curious. Do adult paysite and adult gaming convert good?. What's the coversion rate on avergage?. Thanks.