adult friend finder

  1. flashsites

    Dating Traffic during Covid-19

    Hey ppl. Where is the best place to get Dating traffic? Services, Bots, and others? I need to fill a brand new adult dating site (adult friend finder-like) site within 3 weeks. Any help appreicated. Thanks
  2. flashsites

    Email list for adult dating

    Hi we just finished a dating site for swingers. We're all developers so we're in uncharted territory here. I read that email is the best quick way to get members. Does anyone know where to get quality email lists for adult dating?
  3. flashsites

    Competing with Adult Friend Fighter

    Hi all and happy holidays. Im creating an app that will compete with Adult Friend Finder but the Freemium version. Free to chat with matches, paid can send message without match (and more). My question is how do I go about advertising something like this. I was thinking refferal marketing...
  4. A

    Adult Friend Finder Affiliate Tax Help

    I am an affiliate of AFF. For payment they ask for some tax information. I am from India with NO connection to US. Can anyone tell me which tax form I would fill?
  5. P

    best strategy adult friend finder

    hi im new on this forum and need someone that have a nice experience with adult affiliate a short questions ; 1) i was converted from affinder and now with 20+ free sign up i make only 2$ 2) im lookin for free wp template that can helping let people to sign up on my affiliate easly because i...
  6. P

    how to promote adult friend finder

    what are some free ways to promote adult friend finder for free free free
  7. S

    How long before Adult Friend Finder Purchases Show up on Stats?

    How long before Adult Friend Finder Purchases Show up on Stats?
  8. S

    Domain Masking With Adult Friend Finder?

    Hi, anybody experienced with AFF? Is masking a domain name allowed for Adult Friend Finder? or any of their sites for that matter?
  9. K

    Quick Question on The AFF Method

    Hey everyone. I've had plenty of success using the Adult Friend Finder Method. I 've used it to make a decent amount of cash from all the websites in the AFF network which had a Paid Per Click program (eg.: Adult Friend Finder, No Strings Attached, GetItOn, etc.). Each time I got converted in...
  10. L

    [Questions] Strategy for Myspace

    hi, One of my first posts here, but I have read a bit. Anyway, my current status is I am working on my own bot to handle things using php/cURL...I have gotten the code working well enough to log in, and send a friend request (without a note). Ok here is a bit of stream-of-consciousness for...
  11. W

    Adult Friend Finder stats and earnings

    Hi, I am having good adult traffic and I see them converting for free signups in one of the sites of AFF which is penthouse, I have chosen the best landing page, so it is not a difficult task for me to get the traffic for signing up... and also let me highlight that I dont want to depend on...
  12. D

    how to make money with adultff email leads

    hi, lets say i have a large email list of Whats the best service or product to offer to these leads to maximize revenue? Please let me know whats the best way to make money of these emails.
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