adult cpa marketing

  1. jinxedsoul

    adult cpa smart link question

    How do i get custom link for the adult smartlink im promoting? i usally just direct link it through something like linktree but i keep hearing the words domaine, cloaker, redirect, lander...etc but i could not make sense of it. if anyone here is nice enough to explain or send me a video on how...
  2. dropthemic

    I need an advice!

    Did you do CPA in the adult niche? I keep thinking about starting this niche with Reddit. I wonder where I can get the content or if there is anything copyrighted or legal I should know about it. I can have trouble?
  3. L

    Need help with search queries

    What should I search for on adult tube sites to get teaser videos that doesn't involve any percentage of nudity? Need those videos that start like movies, but at the same time act as teasers, in that they give away what the video's all about without necessarily having to show a lady's bum or a...
  4. J

    Which The Best For Promoting Crakvenue Offers !!

    hello guys please which the best website for find the winning ads for promoting adult cpa offers ? I find 2 but much expensive Adperiscope Adplexity Adult
  5. M

    I need someone expirieneced that could help me with adult cpa marketing

    I need someone that could help me with my adult cpa campaigns to fix them to the fullest , I am getting CTR on banners and landing pages and little signups but want to grow it to profitable and need someone that is doing it to help me with that
  6. YoungArt

    Who here promotes Adult CPA with Paid Traffic?

    Hi guys I want to start a media buying journey for Adult CPA offers. I previously worked with trafficjunkies promoting a smartlink offer. I didn't spent much as I was only testing the waters. I spent around $75 and made around $20 back. I want to get back into this and this time do it properly...
  7. T

    My Tinder Bot + Reddit DM Bot + Affiliate Links - Your Tinder Tokens + Proxies + Ideas

    Hello, i have a private tinder bot and reddit bot with many functions. I am looking for a jv partner with tinder tokens + proxies + ideas. Atm I am trying direct messaging adult cpa offers to reddit users. Also i would like to send cpa offers to tinder users. Do not worry about captcha solving...
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