adult content

  1. YellowCucumber

    What are your tips for developing an Instagram profile with NSFW content?

    Hi. I own a boudoir and nude photographer account with 1,500 followers, and I want to grow it. So my content is NSFW (girls in lingerie, covered nude, teasing), I can't use Facebook ads. What I'm doing right now: - Posting reels and photos almost every day and tagging profiles with adult...
  2. E

    How to use +18 adult traffic

    Hi everybody, I earn money by shortening my +18 content link via I earn an average of 1.5-2 dollars a day. Almost 1000 clicks per day. I'm thinking, if I open a site like myself, wouldn't I earn much more? I need your help, I'm waiting for your ideas. What I'm thinking is to build...
  3. Lord Stroganov

    Full thoughts on Musk’s Twitter

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Musk’s upcoming changes on Twitter? What do you all think of his plans, will they help the platform or hurt it, short term or long term? Does devaluing blue check marks make an impact on the brand and all those people with followers? Does giving content creators...
  4. J

    Looking to invest or partnership with Chaturbate or other Live Adult sites

    Hi, I'm a biz dev manager of a large gaming firm and we are looking to partner or invest in an adult live streaming provider. Please kindly DM If you are an affiliate manager or in a relevant position. Johnny
  5. H

    Free alternative that allows porn?

    I need a service that allows me to upload and share porn videos (similar to Imgur, but for longer videos). I used and they kicked me out. Seems many of these "normal" upload&share -services don't allow adult content. Can you recommend something?
  6. hxgentertainment

    Beginner Tips for Starting an Adult Website

    Hello, I am a beginner in the field and I want to start an adult website (lesbian niche) and from what I have documented myself and how many opinions I have read, to be honest I don't even know what is the best and safest option . I mention that I want as the website to be created only for...
  7. atooxi

    google seem to not like the auto generated content

    hii i guys a couple months ago i bought a script that automatically post adult content the script is working well but when i check the indexed pages site :...... the number of indexed pages varies evretime wich mean they are indexing the pages. anyone here guys is facing the same problem or...
  8. A

    Adult tube site

    Who can create adult tube site for affiliate marketing with good seo and place banners?
  9. M

    Where can i found adults clients? Are there any adults products seekers here?

    Hello bros, I have lots of adults contents can i found here or anywhere any interested clients. All kinds of adults contents are available.
  10. Brusens

    Managing OnlyFans Models - With different ways of making traffic

    So i had this Idea for a long Time. I want to start a model agency for girls who do content on OnlyFans. These Girls usually know nothing about Marketing or anything else besides showing themselfes nude. I do have a girl now who i told my business idea and she pretty quickly accepted my...
  11. DaisyA

    BHW needs an adult writing / VA BST offer

    I can't be the only one who needs a writer / VA to write good titles and descriptions for videos on an adult site? At the moment, it feels like you have to sift through every content writing offer in the marketplace until you get to the part where they don't do adult content or put a request...
  12. DaisyA

    Seeking VA to work on adult website

    I need a VA who can work on the following tasks for a new adult website: Write original titles for each video Write short description for each video Delete videos that don't meet a certain criteria Categorise videos into appropriate Wordpress categories and clean up / apply / remove tags You...
  13. LaMante

    Help needed to monetize 700,000 visitors

    Nice to meet you all ! I would like to ask a question, i run a site with 700,000 about unique visitors (screenshot below), till i paid monthly from escort services pages, but i need any ideas to make a new site to sent the traffic from my site to a new site (e-shop, white labels cams, etc) so i...
  14. MandyLee

    I'm so sad I missed this!

    I've just recently really started to get involved in SEO with my adult company and I just realized this event has already passed and I am so Bummed! Even though I have owned adult sites since 2005 I just started to get really serious in learning everything I can about SEO. Is there any other...
  15. Xandr24

    Sites for upload adult videos

    Good day to all! I am looking for adult video sites where I can upload my videos. I found several, such as xvideos, xnxx, xhamster, but for example on xvideos they ask for video verification of the account, for xnxx login through the xvideod account, for xhamster it seemed to be uploaded...
  16. NightEmperor

    Rise of a Multimedia Adult Empire - Twitter, Reddit, Erotica, Adult CPA & Adsense

    More than a year ago, I posted my first journey about my Twitter accounts. In the meanwhile, I got quite busy with real-life stuff popping up and enrolling in university but now I kind of have...
  17. zencontent

    Creating Unique and Original Adult material...just need the traffic

    Ok what started as a rough idea 18 months ago is beginning to gain traction. It's an Adult Audio and ASMR site, all the content is unique and created in house. However I would like to escalate the traffic several notches. And so am looking to get involved with an affiliate network...but before...
  18. Hints404

    Free Adult Story (Erotica) for First 10 people

    hello Blackhatters. i'm offering adult erotica stories for free to the first 10 members who signify interest and pm me (1 per story). my stories will be more than a 1000 words long, and if you want certain keywords innit simply lemme know via pm. i have a rule, i can only write...
  19. john franky

    *ADULT CONTENT* - $1.9 Per 100 Words - High Quality -Quick TAT - 1st Time on BHW

    ------------------------------------------ Contact | Payment Skype encoreim Paypal [email protected] Inquiry | Sales | Affiliate [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------- Free review Copy of 500word article for members since 2012 or earlier. Check...
  20. R

    Twitter for adult (Telegram Engament Groups) - alternatives?

    what options are there to advertise on Twitter, if you offer adult content (erotic) and so on? Is there somewhere clever Telegram Twitter groups where you can participate? Does anyone know any more ways to get more in this area? I have on my Twitter Account (thats rather new) around 200+...