adult business

  1. S

    Setting up an OF agency in Low Tax country

    Hello. I'm running an OnlyFans agency that I haven't registered as a company yet. I'm from Eastern Europe and taxes aren't very high here, but I want to pay less than 5% tax (preferably zero). Which countries are the best options for opening an OnlyFans Management business with < 5% tax...
  2. Danny Crypto

    How to earn through adult website when it is banned in your country?

    Owning a porn site in India is a crime! What will be the best possible ways to own several sites and run them through India. Anyone up here who is doing this?
  3. V

    Looking for Adult Distributors with over 10k Items (No Middle-men - sextoyclub . com)

    Hey All! I'm looking for a Dropshipper in the US for Adult Toys No Middle Men - sextoyclub . com IS a middleman for those who were about to suggest them. An example of what I mean is eldorado . net (they have over 15k products and are in Colorado). I'm really looking for someone in the East...
  4. V

    Need Help Finding Vendor for Adult Toys - called: MC (located in New Jersey)

    Hey guys, I need some help. I'm trying to find this vendor - full name, address, website (if it exists). The acronym is MC. They work with sextoy . com / sextoyclub . com They operate out of New Jersey. I can't find them anywhere online. Does anyone know who they are or know how to find them...
  5. F

    Need Marketing Help for Adult site and others...

    New member here. I need help marketing my sites (one adult site and one gaming site). I need to learn how to market smarter not harder. I do a good job creating original, creative content but don't know how to make any money of it. My Sites: Adult oriented. I'm a top phone sex operator (top...
  6. WrightWilliams

    Google Update causes Adult Site rankings to just get obliterated.

    Hey all, I am not sure who all on here works in Adult, but over the last week tons of colleagues have told me their sites were just destroyed in the rankings following Google updates. Some sites with a great presence just completely taken right off the map, others dropped down into the 100s. So...
  7. A

    Any ideas on creating a website for your MLM Turnkey Business?

    This online business is supposed to be turnkey (automated), but has anyone decided to create your own website design and your own HTML to draw more attention to your NEW endeavor? If so, can you please explain in which direction to proceed in creating one and the concept of why this...
  8. D

    I have access to more than 100 TB + porn videos and Almost all porn sites

    I have access to more than 1000 TB + porn videos and Almost All most all porn sites in the web and it updates each and every day ...Anyone want to use it and monetize !!I can provide All site rips in all quality ... Need ideas to monetize/sell?
  9. rosie88

    Need an email submitter

    I have about 10,000 emails all from adult sites i.e cam sites, dating etc and want to post a single email to all of the emails i have. What would be the best way to do this please? Many thanks.
  10. moeatwa

    INSIDE INFO: Everything you need to know about FB and MS Adult Material Policies

    I'm not much of a FB marketer, but I know that there's GOLD to be made through FB. Today, I'm offering my lucky brothers and sisters on BHW a rare glimpse of insight into Facebook's policies for Adult material. Now, I can't really tell you where I got this info from (although I'm pretty sure...
  11. D

    GREAT Adult domain --- what to do

    Hi guys!! I have a great adult domain name for the Spanish speaking countries that i would love to monetize... BUT I am having problems doing it. The domain name is: cachondo (c-o-m) The name means HORNY in English and is a word that millions use... The domain name is more than 5 years...
  12. Blueprint

    Porn 2.0 - The sex industry online

    I run some adult sites and was sent this video this morning by a guy at work. It's a great video on Current TV (owned by Google) about the sex industry online. View it here: According to the video: The US online Porn industry is a 3 Billion...
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