adult ad network

  1. vuxpah

    I can get traffic but no signups

    I can get traffic but only clicks/views I use stripchat i think that because most traffic from India, Asia they arent familiar with payment method. Can someone suggest webcam sites using bitcoin? Or android apps suitable for adult dating ? Any one wanna Co-op
  2. P

    Crackrevenue,cpagrip,cpabuild need help

    im new to this feild and i really want to make some money from this. i've tried to get traffic for cpa offers from youtube and facebook but no one converting.i bring arounf 200 a day but no one is converting.i want to ask that is there any way to sign up on our own cuz like 2-4 usd means a big...
  3. saulop

    How these guys posting porn on FB without blur and linking to affiliate site?

    some profiles are posting porn in public facebook groups, their links go to affiliate sites or real sites, the image show full porn without restricions, but how? lol My print for example - NSFW ALERT - print
  4. HisokaLover

    Can you somehow get Google Ads top search for something Adult NSFW

    Hypotetically speaking, is there some way to appear as Google Ads top search for an adult site. I know, because I called and they told me they couldn't, but does someone in this great place know a BlackHatty way to achieve it, or is it something that's just my wishful thinking?
  5. olakunkevibe

    Help, my journey as a newbie

    Good day BHW. I trust you are having a great time already. So I am entirely new in the world of affiliate marketing. (ADULT NICHE) I’ve been going through BHW and trying to sharpen my knowledge. Now I need to go fully into this and, with the help of you guys, I hope to meet my target. I’m from...
  6. J

    Looking to invest or partnership with Chaturbate or other Live Adult sites

    Hi, I'm a biz dev manager of a large gaming firm and we are looking to partner or invest in an adult live streaming provider. Please kindly DM If you are an affiliate manager or in a relevant position. Johnny
  7. TheMightiestFurher

    Best Paying CPA site for SOI and DOI ( especially for Adult traffics)

    Which do you think is Best Paying CPA site that features Pay-Per-SignUp ( without email verification ), Pay-Per-SignUp ( with email verification ), even if the leads don't convert to subscription much ! Thanks for you help!
  8. Chilarai

    Any Experience with Sell health ?

    Hello Everyone, I have just started promoting Sell Health Products (Male Enhancement) with Adult Traffic. Does Anyone of You Have Used Sell Health ? What is the average conversion rate of These Products? A Little Info Would Be Helpful
  9. Bloodseeker

    Best way to monetize adult images site?

    I have a site where I post NSFW images of models. Currently getting about 1000-3000 page views per day (depends on how much I promote). I've monetized using Exoclicks, and it seems to be performing poorly. There's barely any income even after so many pageviews. What's the best way to monetize...
  10. jayoswal47

    Need help regarding adult media buying!

    Anyone into adult media buying to running traffic to crack revenue offers I need help running my first campaign I have search on Google for exocloclick ads tutorial but i didn't get anyone can help me thankyou!or anyone had adult media buying course they can send link
  11. A


    Please I want to earn through adult tube sites. Is there a way to refer me to past adult webmaster authority articles and authorities I would be grateful because I learnt that I should ask questions here. Thank you.
  12. Lucider

    Valuble advise to a beginner adult website starter? (Domain Registrar, Hosting, Ad netwroks, Scripts .etc)

    Hey, i need your advise before start an adult site, probably for making money yeah, so give my your best advise based on your experiences. I mean,.... about domain registrars, hosting (probably DMCA ignored, offshore),What kind of servers do i need to buy, Scripts for website, How to start...
  13. D

    What is the best ad network for a website in adult niche?

    I have a website in adult niche. Still it has less traffic. What ad network do you recommend ?
  14. P

    New Adult Member Site - Advertising???

    Been a lurker here for a long time and decided to make an account to ask this question. We are setting up our new adult pay site and have decided to implement CPA advertising but we don’t really know how to develop our CPA program. CrakRevenue say they work only with already established...
  15. Vido900

    Adult sites, ADS networks. HOW?

    Hello guys maybe its sound stupid BUT I was always wondering HOW pirate adult site have ADS from ufficial adult sites? I know they buy ads/traffic from sites like Exoclick/Juicy ads etc, but what is the point ? I mean on pirate site you can alway find ADS from Brzzzs, and other popular adult...
  16. S

    i want imonitize account approve

    i am try many time to get imonitize account get approve. but i do not get approve. i submit my recent working document from lospollos network. anyone can help me to get approve imonitize account. if anyone can reffer.
  17. G

    How to start biz pornsite 2021?

    any idea how to start pornsite? what are the needs? or requirement? pls respect my post
  18. Alle155

    how should i monetize twitter babe accounts with cpa

    i have about 20 Babe twitter accounts with 2k+ followers and i want to monetize them with some kind of offer, anyone got any ideas on how i should do it?
  19. adm1234

    Adult Affiliate Offers

    Hello, I have been in the online marketing space selling physical products for over 8 years. I would like to start promoting adult affiliate offers through the major traffic websites such as traffic junky, exoclick etc. I need an experienced freelancer that can consult me on the better way to...
  20. adm1234

    Professional Needed for Adult Affiliate Business

    I need a professional with previous experience to manage my adult affiliate business. I have 8 years of experience selling products and offers online but never worked on adult offers before. I would like to connect with experience Adult affiliate marketers for consulting and management services...