1. varun barve

    error on ads.txt (need help)

    Hey guys I have a site where I have checked the number of lines in the file manager root directory ads.txt and in the plugin also checked the code is only 326 lines and when I check the it shows me 1294 total lines how is this possible? Is there any way to check I tried...
  2. Rosalíaa

    pls help me with ads.txt for my website

    Hey, I have created a website on 1&1 and i use google adsense but adsense tells me to add the ads.txt to my website and I don't know how to do that :( The website builder has not such a function where I can insert the ads.txt. Can someone please help me? Can also pay for it!
  3. Leo00

    Ads.txt uploaded, but AdSense started displaying notification again

    Hello guys, I uploaded AdSense-generated "ads.txt" file to all the websites that we have monetized. The notification disappeared for a month or two. But now AdSense started displaying the notification again even though the ads.txt is physically present at all the websites. Maybe some AdSense...
  4. U

    Bypass ads.txt Adsense error?

    Hi, I need to find someone who can bypass ads.txt error in my Adsense. I cannot put ads.txt file on the site because I do not own it. Willing to pay good $$$. Thanks
  5. HenryObi

    Adsense Ads Stopped Displaying On Site After Ads.txt Warning Please Help!

    Hi, I got a warning on my adsense dashobard saying one: 'Earnings at risk - One or more of your ads.txt files doesn't contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue.' Have fixed this though by putting the appropriate ads.txt code in my site, but...
  6. HenryObi

    Help With Ads.txt And Adsense On Blogger Site

    Hi, I recently had issues with my site(on blogger with custom domain) and adsense because of ads.txt Adsense stopped displaying ads in my site because I didn't set the right ads.txt settings now I've done that but ads have refused to display because google can't see the ads.txt file/page...