adsense problem

  1. Suffocator

    Please give an advice: Inserting new Adsense codes into a banned site

    Dear friends, please give an advice. I have a site with Adsence restricted (not fully banned) due to the traffic issues. I have fixed those issues by setting traffic filters and it seems now that the traffic fed to the site is clean (but the restriction isn`t being removed). I have one more...
  2. Fxgima

    How to get adsense mod app site?

    premiummodapk & com site have Adsense and new site. How? Do you know how to get AdSense mod apk site? please help.
  3. MartonB

    Who managed to fix this adsense issue [Valuable inventory: Templated page]

    Hey, i have a problem with my AdSense. my ads were showing fine till i got this error from AdSense says [Valuable inventory: Templated page]. What could be the cause? I have added more articles and made changes site-wide and changed the theme. I requested reviewers for multiple times. but got...
  4. MartonB

    Adsense restricted ads on my site [Valuable inventory: Templated page]

    Valuable inventory: Templated page my site was doing okay till got this violation, and my site blocked from showing ads and this is the reason shown in my Adsense account policy section. What is actually this error, and how I can fix it.
  5. D

    [Long Read] Why You Fail with AdSense and How to Make Money With AdSense

    Why You Fail with AdSense Many publishers fail with AdSense because they expect a lot from AdSense and think that AdSense is the best and highest paying ad network available. A lot of those who just starting, think that it's enough to put ads on the site to start making money. Unfortunately...
  6. trendiablo

    YouTube Adsense Dying Out !

    Good Morning guys, I wanted to talk about YouTube adsense. I have two YouTube channels, 1 was one of my sources of Income, I would average $4,500-$7,500 on good months. I took a break from YouTube for while, and recently got back into it. I finally got to the point where i should be receiving...
  7. samkhan

    Which ad network is best for my blog

    I have a blog with daily 100 real visitors and I want to monetize my blog so I don't get approved by adsense please suggest me something else which is equivalent to adsense
  8. T

    [HELP] My Ad-sense account problem!!!!!

    Hello All, kindly i need your help, as i registered for adsense initially with a link that wasn't approved by adsense, but i used then the same adsense account as partner to Youtube to monetize my channel. and it's showing ads really which mean that this account is active . Also, for confirming...