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  1. F

    Does the country you create your Adsense matter

    Hi All, I used to have adsense account in the UK for some time then that got shutdown. i was wondering does it really matter what country you create your adsense account in since the currencies are different and lower than the UK pounds. i have a account in the UAE but i don't think its...
  2. extremephp

    Adsense giving you Peanuts?? Time for a Killer Adplacement + CTR Booster

    ~Adsense Placement And CTR Booster~ The Only Service Provider in BHW How much is Adsense giving you? Peanuts? Yes, you spent a lot of hours of yours to make blogs, or even autoblogs and Adsense is giving you peanuts! Yes, they often does the same for all! They pay peanuts! Until and...
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