adsense approvals

  1. TheDankChocolate

    Got my 2nd website Adsense Approved today!

    Yay! So, I got my second website approved from Adsense Today (4th September). This is the second website that I got approved in this pandemic. The first one was in July, to be precise on 4th July. 4 seems like a lucky number for me, lol People are finding it hard getting approved around this...
  2. hameem

    Is there a way to get a general online magazine type site approved by adsense?

    So from the brief research, it seems adsense likes sites with niche-related quality content. What if I wanted to get a site approved that has articles in various niches? Like wellness, technology, travel, etc all in one site. Has anyone recently approved an adsense account with this kind of...
  3. wealthcracker

    Super Urgent - Adsense Account

    Want to Buy(WTB) fully USA pin verfied adsense account. Payment will be made by PayPal For more info send PM
  4. N

    adsense approval

    Hi I have problem with adsense approval. I have apply on google adsense about 3-4 month ago,i put the code to my site and still reviewing.Im living in a third country, is this the reason Thanx
  5. D

    Please i need help on how to get adsense approval for my blog

    Please i need help on how to get Google adsense approval. My blog is more than six month and is now PR 1 on Google. I write original content and always check my content with copyscape before publishing it. I have a privacy policy at the button and also have contact us at the top of my blog...
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