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  1. OnClickA Ad Network

    OnClickA - Get Leads Worldwide & Monetize Your Website Traffic - Ad Network for Advertisers & Publishers

    OnClickA is a performance-driven global self-serve ad network for advertisers and publishers. In OnClickA, you can buy traffic by CPM, CPC, or CPA pricing models. The platform grants over 4 billion impressions every day. Advertisers can track their campaigns and optimize them on the fly with an...
  2. AdsterraNetwork

    Adsterra Ad Network | Monetize Any Traffic with Social Bar, Direct Link, Popunder, Native Ads and 15К+ Advertisers | High CPM rates

    Adsterra is a global ad network with Partner Care Program | 248 GEOs | 50K+ Partners | 35BN Impressions Monthly. Since 2013, Adsterra has been helping advertisers grow their ROI and publishers to get maximum eCPM. Why choose us: Unique Partner Care Program: Live chat support and personal...


    Adsterra Advertising Network
  4. Advertise and monetize with the trusted Ad Network.png

    Advertise and monetize with the trusted Ad Network.png

    Adsterra Ad Network.
  5. info08897

    [Journey] AdSense alternative with $5000 per Month from Website

    Background on Website: This site is three years old. I created it to work on AdSense, but it did not gain acceptance. After that, I switched the website to the landing page for cpa for download movies that were less than $5 After that, I wanted to add a company like AdSense To increase profits...
  6. T

    165,528 Clicks : What is the Best Adsense Alternative

    Hello, Hey there, fellow webmasters! I've been running a website for a while now, and I'm currently getting around 3,000+ web search clicks and 9,000 page views daily. I'm looking to monetizatize my wensie. I'd love to hear your suggestions on the best AdSense alternatives. What are your...
  7. B

    Alternative Advertising Network to AdSense for Apk Websites.

    Hello friends, I'm looking for an alternative advertising network to AdSense for my Apk website. I'm open to suggestions other than Adsterra.
  8. B

    Hey I need help putting ads on my website

    I have a text sharing website , I've applied for adsense and they've declined me for low value content. Are there any alternatives I can use to monetize my website.
  9. J

    Adsense alternative for a news aggregator site?

    Hey everyone. I have a news aggregator site and I’m trying to monetize it. I’ve put a lot of effort and money to build it and to talk with publishers, lawyers, accountants et al. and the last thing I expected was Adsense to reject it because there are already many news aggregators sites with...
  10. haizrul

    The best ad network for illegal streaming website?

    Hi guys, i am looking for a suitable ad network for my streaming website. Currently i'm using PropellerAds on my website but the CPM is not really high. Is there any ad network can you guys suggest for me to try?
  11. A

    Adsense alternative for non english website

    Hello, I have a website that is slowly growing (just 4 month old website). All of the traffic I get is from Google search. I have around 30 daily visitors, yet I was not accepted to Adsense. Do you know about any other network I could apply to? Affiliate wonˇt work for my niche. Btw: I do not...
  12. Afterglow

    Is Adsterra safe? Please help me with suggesting some Ad Networks.

    No ads are showing up on my site even though I have no ad limit and adsense records views but no earnings whatsoever. I can't sign up with an AdX network as I have the duplicate account issue in Google Ad Manager. My site gets 120k visitors a month and 60% of it is organic. Only few...
  13. A

    Adsense alternative for blog with organic 1000 UV per month

    Hello, which ad network would you suggest for my tech blog. I get around 1000 UVs monthly. Currently I cannot apply for adsense, I have reapplied too many times and now I have to wait about month or so. Even thought I am in tech niche, I cannot monetize via affiliate. Which CPM network would...
  14. hercai

    I need advertising firm with banner ads.

    Hello, is there any advertising firm that I can use as a banner ad on my spam websites? I want to quickly register with the advertising firm, get the website approved quickly, and quickly add the ad codes to the appropriate areas on my website and profit from them. I would be happy if you...
  15. AdsterraNetwork

    Adsterra Network | Monetize any Traffic with Social Bar | High CPMs for Webmasters

    - On BHW since 2018 -
  16. D

    ★★★ HoоIigan Media - AdSense Alternative ★★★ High CPM Rates ★★★

  17. cleanhead

    Alternative to Adsense that pays in 48 hours?

    Hey, I am wondering if anyone knows any good alternative to Adsense that pays faster than Adsense does! I heard that there might be an alternative who pays you in 48 hours but my search failed me, so far I did not find any that meets these requirements... I hope someone here would give any hints?
  18. G

    What is the Best Alternative to Adsense

    Do anyone here have any experience with alternatives to Adsense ? Are there any out there that are even worth putting on your site ? If so which ? Also a separate question are there any decent Adsense alternatives allow greyhat/blackhat type websites ?
  19. H


    I have been using this method for over 3 months, and although it can work for any site, it's the most efficient when placed in an adult centered niche. So many people might get turned off when I mention it's a token mining tool for publishers (not necessarily crypto). The coin I am talking about...
  20. T

    Adsense alternative which works on pay per click model

    Hello, Hard to guess that I've lost my adsense account and I'm looking for adsense alternative which works on similar model which means pay per click ( CPC BASED ). I tried but things aren't looking good, I was earning $30-40 with adsense daily but not even getting close...
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