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  1. onlythabst

    Does Anyone Here Make Money With Adsense Enabled Videos?

    I have many videos that have adsense enabled. I am getting around $1 per day for each video I have ranked. I want to know if anyone else is using adsense + youtube to bring in profit or are most people making money with Youtube + PPD?
  2. C

    YouTube method... besides Adsense?

    Hi everyone, So I was wondering is there another method out there besides Adsense to make money? I have tried CPA and I have failed miserably... But, I was thinking is there a PPC site out there where I can just insert my link on the bottom of the description in my YouTube videos to earn some...
  3. C

    I'm getting 10K visitors a Day,but only few $ from Adsense,any Gud Content Lockers?

    I am having a Video blog getting over 10K visitors a day using various traffic methods which I use primarily using youtube.I tried monetizing the site with Adsense but the problem is nobody is cllicking on the Ads,so I hardly cross 10$ a day at most from Adsense from that Site.Mostly its around...
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