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  1. bushinonasake

    Duall Accounts Appearing In Adsense Problem (Need Help)

    I used to have an account with adsense using my old gmail account. I created around 7 years ago, so, naturally I forgot most of the details needed to recover the account. Now I want to use my new gmail account but Adsense won't approve it since it contains the same details as my old one. I tried...
  2. G

    Can i apply for adsense ?

    I am from India and have a wordpress installed on premium hosting. The site is in south Indian language.And i put google webmaster tools in that site ,it shows me crawl error 2.visitors count too...etc Now the matter is i have a 25 posts on it and get upto 20 visitors per day. posts all...
  3. wickedguy

    Advise - Solution Adsense disabled blogs

    Hi guys. At last I found a solution for adsense disabled blogs/sites/domains, whatever you call them. I am able to display adsense on mine after a ban! I just wonder if it will be profitable making this solution available, or will I shoot myself in the foot. I'm so afraid the plan will leak out...
  4. sfidirectory

    I have a (small) problem with Adsense...

    Hi everyone, I have tried to apply for an Adsense account, but I notice it takes VERY long to find out whether they grant you an account or not. About 2 years ago I used to run a couple blogs and had seperate accounts for each, and I got an adsense account almost instantly. Now it seems like I...
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