1. D

    Is it possible to get a lot of traffic from Flipboard or is not true?

    Hey guys, I saw a video on youtube that says Flipboard can drive a lot of traffic every day to your website, do you use Flipboard to drive traffic? or is not true?
  2. AmeliaLily

    Google AdSense Suspend me For 30 days reason invalid traffic

    Google AdSense Suspend me For 30 days reason invalid traffic .any way to active before 30 days?
  3. K

    i can't add payment details in my adsense?

    hi please some help. i got an email from Adsense to add my primary method payment but I can't find where?
  4. O

    Can Anyone Help with Viral Content Website Creation and Earning

    Hello Everyone, For a long time I was thinking of creating a viral content website. But there were some questions in my mind that I needed to answer before I started. The 1st question was how viral content website cheat google ads and use copied content. Example: They use 100%...
  5. A

    Keyword Research

    I would like to know How to do keyword research on them How to find good keywords and create a good website Can work with WordPress, has domain and hosting Tried for a while and could not get a good result. I would like to start all over again. Don't spend a lot of money. Those things cost a lot...
  6. V

    Making money in alternative mobile markets

    Hello everybody I have a question, does admob pay you if you publish your mobile apps on other mobile markets rather than google play & app store? because a friend of mine told me that if admob can't inspect the app requesting the ads they end up suspending your account Thanks
  7. N

    Adsense - Copyrighted material (DMCA) Ad serving disabled

    Hello guys, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on the page where these violations of the AdSense Program Policies were found. Yes, the page violates Adsense Policy. Question: what should I do next? should I remove the page, or just remove the code from the page? Looking forward to...
  8. MartonB

    Help. Adsense invalid traffic

    hi, fellas, i noticed an invalid activity on my accounts. bad clicks, my usual CPC is between $0.1. but in my dashboard, i noticed something weird that some i got clicked that has $1.2 CPC from (Other devices), i got like 50 clicks like that i believe these clicks are bad cause visits from that...
  9. nifras

    [help need]ad sense reject 3 time

    hello, everyone, recently i lunch the authority site by outsourcing from BHW market place, i provide the keyword and domain they design the site and write the content. then i go to for apply the AdSense first time its rejected. again i try to get the approval ads its reject 2n time,ok then i...
  10. QuanticIT

    Changing AdSence Theme Effects

    Hi, after I got approved by AdSense can I change the theme? Will it gonna hurt AdSence account?
  11. R

    Help! Worried I Will Get Banned by Adsense

    About 5 years ago I was banned on Adsense under my name (never got to first payment) or added an account from memory. I then a few years later started an arbitrage site with a friend who created a new account under his name and we did a bit of money 10K+ though it then stopped (got busy) I...
  12. W

    Adsense approval Help

    Hello There, I'm new here and this is my first thread. I had an up and running Adsense account. But for the past few months, I couldn't update my site and my Ad account got reset. My domain also got expired. So I created another website and applied again for ads from my existing ad account...
  13. Anas moaya

    How can I monitize apps that have been disabled by admob ?

    in the last few months, my Adsense account (Related to Admob) has disabled for Invalid activity. So I tried to reuse a new AdMob account in the apps after I reviewed my app traffic and everything was complying with Adsense and Admob policies. unfortunately, Admob has been disabled for the second...
  14. ALMAESTRO010

    How many sites can be added to Adsense Account

    Hi How many sites can be added to Adsense Account without any problems !!
  15. X

    Bots Account Pinterest

    hello this week i'm working on my bots ' pins and repins and also create account ' the problem is an account created with bots when i pins with script or hand ' manule ' i didn't find the pin in /source page NB : account created manually when i pin i find it...
  16. D

    Google adwords affect you and your buisness

    How changes in Adwords interface?
  17. LalitsdMittal

    Ask Anything about AdSense

    AdSense and Wordpress is the area where I feel like a boss . ;) Feel free to ask me anything about AdSense. I will answer all the questions as far as I am able to.
  18. Master Oogway

    [Help] Is this good or bad?

    Hello guys, I have adsense account for a long time but I didn't use it because I don't know what niche I should go on. But last week I decided to go with niche that only in my country offer. I'ved got a 1000 views per day so far, and this is my adsense performance: Is this good or bad...
  19. thebeingoptimist

    I applied 4 Google Adsense a week ago?

    I applied 4 google adsense a week ago. Still 8 am waiting 4 the email from their end. Did not receive till know. Could you tell me how long they take the response and approval?
  20. Tatu kh

    I am going to start my own amazon affiliate site. I am Newbie here Need Help

    Hello, BHW First of all I am a complete new here. I know It will be hard to get start with amazon affiliate. I have order Platinum package from RoyalCloudHost SSD Hosting for 1 Year. I think I will make 4 affiliate. Again it will be hard for complete newbie. I Don't know SEO? I Don't know which...