1. Chiku Arsen

    It's URGENT ...How can I contact an Admin or mod here???

    If anyone can please mention a mod or admin I can talk to in private chats.
  2. akuma55

    Partnership for Servers & Resources » Elite

    I am a senior Website Developer/Programmer, Designer, and Linux Administrator. (Basically a mad scientist of computer science) Would like to setup a blackhat network with a partner that pick up the little slack that's missing and we can make some good money
  3. mskworkshop

    Please me to change me BHW user name

    i want capital my first word of bhw name : Msk Workshop , please any one help me.
  4. F

    Who has the rights to delete someones post on a thread?

    Hi, Not sure if someone has seen this before but i would like to know who has the rights to delete a post on a thread. for example if i created the thread can i delete posts that other people leave on my thread? The reason i am asking is because i left a post on a thread where someone is...
  5. pulkitseo

    I have few questions to the administrator of the forums

    Here are few questions 1) Whats is neWbie, registered, contributing members etc. ? 2) I saw many members who have been contributors in many posts how does that happen? don't the forum value contributors ? 3) This is my first forum where i come too often and I m very happy with the forum but I...
  6. Abercrombie

    How do I contact the staff? The button is broken? and its an EMERGANCY!

    Does anyone know how I would go about getting a hold of a staff member that could approve or disapprove a post that may or may not be in violation of TOS. It's really important. Please help, it is imperative that I talk to a staff member about this.
  7. M

    Urgent - Need PTC administrator!

    Hello I have fired my Ptc administrator moments ago.. :pcguru: the ptc account is now 0$ and I need someone to start making money with it? The last administrator did a good job promoting the site, but didn?t cash in anything? The site had 19,270 visits last month and it has a 500,186...
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