1. stevenman555

    Indexing Backlinks After Go-ogle Add-url Removed Help

    Ok, I have been using Google addurl for a long time to index my main site links as well as my backlinks. Now, after the service has been closed by Big G it is really hard for me to index a single link. I have used all the methods like GSA Indexer, pinging, social signals but no result at all...
  2. S

    google .. add url function not working since month

    hi add url fuction isnt working since month ..anybody their facing same issue ?
  3. L

    Local languages search engines WITH addurl page/form

    Hi. I known, addurl - is very old method and in some SE he not working. But I do experiment. Maybe, smbdy knows Search Engines for local languages with "addurl" function (ja, ch, and other with very large population in this country)? In Russia, local search engine is Yandex, and he give...