addon domains

  1. P

    Question about website google indexing! Google indexed addon domain without request and not showing the main domain at all.

    TL;DR – An addon domain is apparent in google search instead of the main domain. Hello gents, I'm freaking out a bit and really hope that I can get some help here! I made a WordPress website for someone on his domain, I was doing some tests on an addon domain that I added to this domain via...
  2. domainmadness

    Addon domains and linking

    Ive been reading all the threads and info on the net Ive could find, but still not really sure how it really goes. Lets say I have 1 main domain + 2 addon domains on same hosting provider. All 3 sites are about the same niche but I have created unique content and unique design for each of...
  3. H

    Can i just do addon-domain for my autoblog? (any negative effects?)

    I have a question about the hosting and addon domain. I want to start the auto blogs. But i red that i have to buy domain(.com) and hosting acc. for every single auto blogs. So... i thought.. Can i just buy a domain for add-on domain on my 1 host domain account. 1 main domain -> 20...
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