[HIRING] Looking for adding service to Telegram groups!

    Hi! I need service for scraping&adding in Telegram. I will provide the target group and need you to add members from that group to my group. I am looking for a long-term business partner as I will have more orders. People trying to overcharge don't even try! Need 10k targets added weekly tap...
  2. Adam Xtubeage

    [Giveaway] Adding Subtitles To Your Youtube Videos

    Hello, This is my first giveaway thread here. As title says if you need to add subtitles to your Youtube videos then you can send it to me and i will add them ( 2 videos per member). Requirements: - Videos must be in English Language - Videos must be hosted on Youtube. (tutorials, explainer...
  3. L

    Unable to join/post in groups

    So my problem is, i have tries this with a few accounts. ALL phone verified and ALL over 1-2 months old. I first access the account with a brand new proxy, new phone number ect. I do some "REAL" activity on the account, liking pages, posting statuses, liking books ect. Then i join about 12...
  4. M

    How are Programmers and Others Adding Twitter Followers to Accounts?

    How are programmers, and others on sites like SEOClerks, Fiverr, and hundreds of other sites adding Twitter Followers for people so quickly? I know most of the Followers are fake. But some programmers and others offer Real Twitter Followers as well. How do they do it or what program do they...
  5. georgeorwell

    Best way to Bulk Add Google+ Circles

    I am trying to build followers to clients Google+ Pages in a practicable manner. Obviously, you cannot add anyone to a Circle for a Page until they have themselves already circled the page - that's the catch22 that is so darned deliciously tempting, crack this and you got an early gravy train...
  6. M

    Using flirt with proxies to add Facebook friends

    Hey everyone. I currently use flirt to add Facebook friends from targeted groups in my niche, but as we all know Facebook has a limited number of people you can add per a day. I am looking to expand my adding into other niches and was wondering if using a different proxy on flirt with every...
  7. painreliefbullet

    My Simple Method To Gaining 5000 Friends On Facebook With Or Without Verifying

    Sorry if this is a repost idea. I'm new here, but I wanted to try and contribute. I create Facebook profiles for promotional purposes. What I do is make one using a generic name. Common female first name and common last name. (ex. Beth Johnson, Jessica Reynolds, Samantha Hoffman, etc)...
  8. vitomelon

    Any myspace friend trains that still work?

    Back in the good old days of marketing with myspace there used to be a bunch of sites that you could enter your friend ID and add hundreds of users. Nowadays, the ones I used to use are either shut down or I don't get any adds back from them. So are there any that are still active/working??
  9. J

    FB Verification

    Im having some problems adding friends to a Facebook account. Despite phone verifying the account, I am still encountering the captcha system. Does anyone know how to work around this? thanks J
  10. E

    Trade your facebook friends for my friends

    I have 1,300 that can add to your groups or pages. Same would go on your side. PM me
  11. H

    Facebook Limits Explored.....

    What have people found are the limits on Facebook for adding new friends? From looking around, and experience, I've managed 25 a day for accounts over a period of a month and never run into trouble..... However, as Facebook give you the option to find friends via your emails....I'm...
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