1. GuruFx

    Is it possible to Make Money from Gambling ?

    Hello hope you are doing great This took me some time to write so i would like a feedback i quitted gambling like 2 years ago as i was very addicted to it and lost serious amount of money on my journey , Tbh it was very hard to quit as my mind always was thinking to gamble and releases...
  2. theseoraja

    Netlfix Addiction : Too much time waste

    Hello Guys, Does this Happen To You guys also ? Watching Netlfix All Day Do some Little work and sleep From Past Few Days I have been Doing this Watching A Animie Naruto... And I am just thinking What is Going to happen Next And Just Like that I waste the Time Anyway to Control It ?
  3. S

    Anyone that used the opioid drug Subsys, marketed by Insys Therapeutics

    Smashing Addiction Now is a national online rehab treatment center working with lawyers around the country. In addiction to rehab services they are looking to monetize any users of the opioid drug Subsys, marketed by Insys Therapeutics. 15 years of service to lawyers We can monetize any...
  4. S

    Are you addicted to BHW?

    No matter what I am doing, I always end up in BHW. Even when I am doing college assignments, blogging, or doing blackhat, I end up coming here to check on new posts. :D Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. J


    Yo everybody Brand new to and already becoming addicted - Lots of great threads and information! Hmmmm I think I'm going black and will never look back hahaha. My 10 years of experience as a pro system developer might come in handy :D /J.B
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