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    How to create a Google Backlink Indexer Site?

    hello, we add manual our backlinks as comments to social media sites, forum sites, blog sites.. google no longer allows indexing external links.. and we have no budget to pay for indexer sites.. how may we submit our backlinks to google to index? may we create a google indexer from short url...
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    How Can Solve Google add url Problem?

    Last 3 days i couldnot Index any post by Google Add Url for instant indexing. I did not find the problem. Please help me How can i solve the Problem ?
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    Search Eninge Submission

    Do submissions to multiple Search Engines make a difference ? Like i tried this free service at http://sitesubmit*ezedir*com Note:replace * with . Please Comment on how it can affect niche, Language, Geo specific queries...