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    Giving a Job to a Facebook Expert !

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this website and I have decided to find somebody who know what is facebook and how to work with it. I've been advised some bots like "jarvee" & " Ninja blaster ", but I have no idea how to use it and don't want to learn. All I want is hire someone, I'm going to pay...
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    Facebook Closed Groups members

    Greetings, everyone. I'm impressed to see so many people doing probably similar job as I do. I've been doing my Marketing Business of facebook getting new people to my page for 5 years already and just today I've realised that there is a forum for all those people. Basically I browse facebook...
  3. J

    My Facebook cannot show Home, friend lists, even can't add friends, anyone know why?

    When I log in my facebook, something wrong happened. Normally, the right slide side will appear some ads, but mine is blank. And then I turn to HOME, but nothing is shown. And when I go to "Friends", friends lists are blank too. And I even cannot click "Add friend" button. But I do not get any...
  4. A

    new blog, now what?

    i got a blog, and i created a twitter,facebook linked in & youtube accounts , but the part i dont understand is how can i use these social networks if i have no friends there to attract pepole to my blog, i know about, but if i dont have friends on my fresh accounts, its worth nothing to...
  5. D

    ADD friend Simply Without Chaptcha

    I know its work for me [just wanna share], just go to on your computer... just add simply. :D **Remember dont ADD more than 50/day or you'll not able to see your acc again.. :D
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