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  1. R

    How to use Adobe Flash Player on recent browsers

    Hello guys, I am facing an issue, we have an old web application developed with Apache flex and Action Script 2, and we want to have the possibility to launch it on recent browsers, but due to the end of life of Adobe Flash Player, I tried some plugins like ruffle, but I only see a white...
  2. A

    Can this javascript video embed code work with a swf?

    Hey, i'm just cooking a viral facebook method up, and i would like to know if this can somehow be embedded into a swf file using actionscript 2.0 It's a javascript, video embed code for a ppv network. <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>...
  3. S

    Directory Script Checker

    We are looking for a script able to crawl directories looking for websites and anchor text. Data must be importable from Excel and after finish give a report importable to excel with the details (wich websites are visible in the directories from teh list) Must detect nofollow links and be...
  4. differentmovies

    Looking for flash/action script coder

    Looking for Flash/ Action script coder Portfolio is a MUST. ASAP Thanks