acount banned

  1. L

    how to avoid facebook blocked if i am selling famous brand products like nike?

    i want to sell Nike and Bosch on facebook page, but my account gets suspended. How can i use facebook ads and not get banned because of it?
  2. Nancy224

    My Facebook and Instagram biographies were aimlessly impaired on Friday morning, I have submitted prayers for both. What are my coming way?

    Early Friday morning, I woke up, opened the Facebook app on my phone, and was saluted with the screen saying my account has been impaired, and that"the decision is final". My Instagram account is linked with my Facebook profile, and by extension it's also impaired. I have submitted prayers on...
  3. M

    My conversion campaign is approved and after a time the account is blocked

    Since last month I'm trying to run my conversion campaigns but every time that I try to run, my campaign is approved but after 1-2 hours my account is blocked, and in some times event the Business Manager. Someone had this same problem? Do you guys have any solution? Thanks. *sorry for my...
  4. T

    Getting banned from linode for Spam complaints !!

    Hello everyone, We are a legitimate email marketers, we send 200 to 500k emails a day to our costumers but we can't inbox these few month our email are reaching the junk email Folder. linode Cloud Hosting just closed my account cause they got a spam complain from some of our clients and they...
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