account limit

  1. B

    paypal limited my account preeminently for the first time

    hey guys, so basically i started IM about 4 months ago using PayPal as payment gateway for my IPTV business. now i woke up to the news of paypal permanently limiting my account i don't know why, i haven't been receiving no disputes from my customers or anything, why would paypal limit my account...
  2. stonedpepe420

    [Question] How many IG accounts can I grow per proxy?

    Let's say I've decided to buy 100 dedicated private proxies in order to grow 150 accounts. Obviously I'm gonna use 2 accounts per proxy max when I'm botting. * But Is there a lifetime limit as to how many accounts can appear on a single proxy IP? Let's I'm done botting those accounts and have...
  3. C

    Bypass 5 accounts?

    Is there an instagram app for nonjailbroken available that bypasses the 5 account limit? By limit I mean having 5 accounts logged in at once and able to swap back and forth between them. Is there any tweak that bypasses this rule or can someone tweak it? Would be extremely helpful.
  4. A

    Ranking limit depending on Name/Whois/Webmaster-Tools account?

    Hello, I'm managing arround 10 sites and noticed whenever one of the sites goes up another goes down. So that the average visitors daily bounce arround 10000. This bouncing happend several times in the last 2 years, while the sites were growing from 7000 to ~10000. Also the site have the same...
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