account generator

  1. C

    I have built an airdrops farming program what's next?

    i have just finished building a fully functional airdrops farming program / framework it includes: excution engine for controled randomens and concurrency managment email + twitter accounts generator metamask automation helpers static assets caching multi capcha solvers with a unified...
  2. N

    Tips / Suggestions setup for creating accounts

    Good day everyone, I would like to seek advice on the ideal setup for creating Discord accounts? Is proxy alone good enough or do I need to setup like a virtual machine + vpn? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you
  3. S

    Looking for Developer for Account Gen

    Looking to hire a developer to work on an account generator and an interface that allows control over all the accounts to follow, and comment from a pool of inputs, like, and direct messages for a social media platform. This is not for the larger social media platforms: IG, Facebook, Twitter...
  4. M

    Want to buy bulk Instagram Accouts

    Want to buy fresh french Instagram account with profil picture, verified by phone+email Accounts will be used for mass mentionning. It’s a custom request so i can pay the price. Thank you.
  5. H

    Need a program/scrip to create verified accounts for Nike US/China(CN)

    Hey, I am in need of someone to create a program where it can make verified Nike US/CN accounts. They will need to be able to use gmail email addresses as well as @catchall domains. It would need to create the accounts then login and enter number to recieve sms to verify account. For China...
  6. sneakermagic

    Need account creator ASAP Complete task within 24 hours max

    I need to have an account generator made. Php or Python preferred. The accounts I am generating require: First Name Last Name Address Details Email Phone Date of Birth I will provide all of these details in a csv. format. Each account should be generated using new cookie session and with new...
  7. I

    Vine Account Maker?

    I'm looking for an account maker for Vine. If you have one or know where I can get one, hmu!
  8. T

    Bulk Instagram Accounts Needed!

    i'm in need of around 200 ig accounts fully profiled and cheap can anyone help out? Cheers :)
  9. P

    Need bot or software to create social networking and video sharing accounts

    I am looking for a bot or software that would create accounts and upload profiles, pics, descriptions, tags, for social networking and video sites. (not social bookmarking sites) Sites like squidoo, hubpages, myspace, facebook, wetpaint, youtube, metacafe and about 400 more. Ideally a software...
  10. N0H4T

    ***AcCoUnT GeNeRaToRs*** Anyone recommendations (Using firstname lastname lists etc)?

    Hi All, I have been sifting around the posts here and haven't been able to find this. Does anyone here know of a simple tool that could autocreate a big bunch of usernames (and passwords) from a list of firstnames, lastnames and with the ability to tack random numbers on the back of these...
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