account creator

  1. GregZX

    Botify // Android Automation Software - Youtube View Bot - Social Media Account Creator

    Botify Botify is android automation software, designed for account creation and view botting. It uses LDPlayer well known for using android application without detection. At first i wanted to create only youtube view bot but then realised why automating one application when you can give maximum...
  2. harold bump

    PvaCreator and AIOStream are legit, even though everyone here slanders them

    I purchased a few licenses from them to create accounts last week and I did have a few issues, but the hours that they dedicated to helping me were invaluable. If you run their software a non-fresh system, a whole lot can go wrong. Antivirus and firewalls alone can mess up the smallest issues...
  3. jungy

    WhiteHatBox - Legit or Scam?

    Hey everyone, I was thinking about purchasing some tools from these guys. I have done some digging through the forums and found some average responses. One of the posts show how much these guys spam the forum and several banned accounts. Trustpilot has several one star reviews stating their...
  4. Frenzied


    IF IT IS CHROME/FIREFOX, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THIS WEBSITE: >>> <<< Go through every module and check that your browser is not leaking anything. An easy way to identify you is by using a canvas fingerprint. This is a unique ID that social media websites collect from the...
  5. sycho1984

    Account creation AND automation for socials?

    Hello all and thank you in advance. I am seeking to stop buying likes and comments and instead buy software that 1) makes social media accounts (IG, FB, YT, twitter) and 2) automate the process of those account following, liking, and commenting on my personal social media accounts. I have looked...
  6. L

    Facebook account creator and Group joiner

    Does anyone know a tool or service that is able to create a ton of Facebook users and join groups?
  7. methodcreator

    Captcha Auto Resolve

    Hello, i'm looking for a captcha resolving service. It can be a resolver or bypasser if possible. Using any captcha service like anti-captcha or deatthbyCaptcha to do an auto-fill during login. I have a script in imacros and a bot in python. Any other language that seems best is accepted...
  8. M

    Searching cheap Facebook account creator

    Hello, i´m searching for a cheap facebook account creator. creator should be creating accounts with setted names and email adresses. i should be possible that the creator creates much accounts in a row without any actions doing by me. also the creator should confirm the email adresses...
  9. W

    Gmail Account Creation Software or Bot?

    Does anyone know of a free (or) less expensive Gmail Account Creation Bot? I really really need it, I don't want to buy but create accounts, I have unlimited phone numbers to verify the accounts but I need it on autopilot so i can only enter verification code when required, Help a brother out.
  10. RobaChasseur

    Reddit and Facebook account creator

    Is Account Dominator fully done? I'm trying to find an account creator that has the same capabilities. Does any have any they could suggest?
  11. flashsites

    iTunes Account Creation for fake DLs

    Hey guys, Im curious if anyone has heard of an app or service that generates fake itunes accounts? I notice a lof of people selling installs and wonder if they downloads are from people or robots. Thanks *Also any accounts people want automatically created, let me know as I'm working on a...
  12. Limestone

    I've just written a Instagram signup bot.

    So.. last night I went a bit mental and sat down on the sofa with a terrible movie and my laptop. I proceeded to hash out a fairly simple Instagram account creator that uses Temp-Mail and one the rotating residential proxy pools from our very own Marketplace. The situation now is... I have a...
  13. S

    Hiring programmer

    i have several projects i need coded Account Creator For Mobile Social media This is a bot that creates account for a specific social media using the http requests (api) of the mobile application instead of using desktop website http requests (android/iphone) Pm me your skype. or skype me skype...
  14. mihai1497

    [BETA TESTERS] Instagram accounts creator

    I've just finished my instagram account creator and I would like to invite some user to test it, suggest new features and report bugs. This tool is still in beta, currently it can just create accounts, in bulk, other features like auto mail verification and phone verification may be added in the...
  15. T

    Twitter Account Creator

    Please suggest me a free twitter account creator or any simple technique to make 50 accounts a day.
  16. M

    Customizable Bot - Account Creator ?!?

    I was wondering if is out there a version of customizable bot for account creation in whitch you can enter diferent websites to create accounts , the option of adding list of first name and last name and randomly combining those to create a full name, to select birth date between 01.01.1970 -...
  17. M

    Google Account Creator Questions (bulk account creator)

    Hey guys, Reading tons of articles and posts from this forum for months. Right now I'm coding up a Google Account (of course Gmail account actually) generator. I have resolved the problem of dynamic IPs, real SIM based SMS verification. I have finished the Alpha version last week and had a 2...
  18. petirthunder


    FAQ CAN I CREATE IT WITH PROXY INSTEAD OF MOBILE TETHERING? Yes you could the format for the proxy is IP ADDRESS:PORT HOW CAN I UPLOAD BIO AND UPLOAD PICTURES AFTER ACCOUNT CREATE? Figure it out your self.. You could manually login to your account from your phone and leave it aged for a...
  19. J

    How to create 50 twitter accounts

    Hi, I'm looking to create around 50 twitter account but the problem is the phone verification. I've had a look around and I've not noticed any way of getting around it so far. My question is, does anyone know any ways I can bypass the 1 account per day limit? Or maybe know of a bot creator I...
  20. callmeparks

    Instagram Accounts

    Does anyone know how to create Instagram accounts on PC/Mac?
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