account being terrminated

  1. Drumma516

    new channel suspended will it affect my main channel?

    I have 2 channels currently monetized. My main channel that averages 5-10 million monthly views and my new second channel. My new channel was suspended yesterday with no reason given and I was worried that my main channel would also be banned since they were linked on Adsense. Each account btw...
  2. gsansanwal

    Youtube Account Suspended Can I Make New Account ?

    My Youtube Account Suspended Can I Make New Account and if i how can i any solution. please help
  3. K

    Crakrevenue - fu**ing it's publishers

    This afternoon I received this email from crakrevenue. and they banned my account. IT IS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE !!! I have almost 10 facebook accounts with 5 k friends, over 10 facebook pages, groups with over 100k members is total....and a bunch of youtube proffesional-made videos, with over 10k...
  4. Z

    Lost about $300 Bucks - Help and here is my Method i used.

    Hey guys i just started working with CJ for the first month and made like $300+ all from one program... i log in today and i see my balance is $20 from some dating websites i just tried out... so i need help to see if there is anyway i can get my money back so here is how it all started My...
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