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    Someone just transferred a valuable domain to me by Accident!

    Hi, I have an interesting question today. Someone just transferred a really valuable domain name to me (valued at 30k) by accident. It was a transfer from one major domain registrar account to another (so the transfer was instant). Now, I can manage the domain, what should I do with it? Any...
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    Rest in Peace to 17 school students died in a road accident

    Rest in Peace to 17 school students who were killed in an road accident in Nawabshah, Pakistan At least 19 people including 17 children were killed in Pakistan on Wednesday when a school van smashed head-on into a heavy truck, officials said. The van collided with the loaded dump-truck...
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    Real russian rulette video... this is crazy

    A guy shot himself in the head at a wedding with a semi automatic gun. He survived but suffered severe brain damage and got disabled. It got recorded on video, here it goes. He most likely survived because the ammo used was a IZH-79-8 (made of rubber)...
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