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    Proxidize Sales Thread

    Proxidize Sales Thread
  4. L

    How the FU** do you use a proxy in an android device?

    So, I have been down this rabbithole for weeks now, and either everybody is doing the wrong thing or I am an idiot. The solution that I keep seeing: Go to advanced wifi settings > add proxy or whatever > manual > then add ip and port Why is this wrong you may ask? well because its a global...
  5. kijin

    siamproxy.com ⚡ 4G Mobile Proxy Thailand ⚡ UDP Supported⚡ Unlimited Data⚡ Free Trials

    High-quality Thailand mobile proxies with unlimited bandwidth. You can get the best Thai mobile proxies from siamproxy. Proxies are 100% dedicated Real Devices with Simcard UDP Supported (OpenVpn) Unlimited Data Automatic IP Rotation or API HTTP(s) or Socks5 Authentication & IP Whitelist...
  6. Ectophor

    SPAW.CO ⚡️ European mobile proxies: UK, Poland. DEDICATED | SHARED | UNLIMITED | API | DEMO ✅

    Hey BHW! We provide private and shared 4g mobile proxies in UK and Poland. Locations: - London, UK - Warsaw, Poland Carrier networks: Orange, Three, Vodafone Any bandwidth limitations? Unlimited data. What speeds can I expect? 30Mbps average speed for Warsaw, Poland. 25Mbps average speed...
  7. A

    What Proxies to Use For Spotify Stream Farms?

    Hey guys I’m newer to this world to forgive me if anything I say is stupid or redundant. I have spent the last week or so looking through this for him to try and find an answer but I couldn’t, atleast not a full one. In 2023 what proxies are you guys using for stream farming? I am planning on...
  8. Bakidaki

    4G or 3G? is 3G good enough to still be used for twitter automation?

    Wonder if 3G is still good enough to be used for twitter automation or even account creation. I have the option to choose 3G or 4G, but the pros with 3G it has a lot better IP rotation speed so my question is: is 3G good enough to still be used for twitter automation? or does it have to be...
  9. O

    Instagram Proxys help

    Why does everyone say that you should use a maximum of 20 accounts on Instagram per 1x 4G proxy? If I have a 4G proxy that rotates every 10 seconds or a proxy that switches to API, then I could end up using hundreds of Instagram accounts with one 4G proxy or am I thinking wrong somewhere? Thanks!
  10. GridPanel

    4G / LTE UK Based Social Media Proxies | 50% OFF First Month | Dedicated Raw | Unlimited Bandwidth

  11. N

    Looking for a 4G mobile proxy provider for Craigslist

    Here I’m looking for a 4G Mobile proxy provider for Craigslist posting ? If you got someone you can recommend I would appreciate that as well
  12. WaterProxy

    Need custom software and web dashboard for my 4G Proxy farm.

    Are there any experienced developers out there that can code me a software using 3proxy, squidproxy or something else to utilize my 4G proxy farm? I also need a web dashboard where I can manage all of the proxies. Please contact me so we can discuss more details.
  13. deltaproxies

    ⭐4G Bulgarian, EU Mobile Proxies ⭐ | ✅ High Speed ✅ Unlimited Bandwidth ✅ Dedicated Devices

    Hi! After a long time of developing, testing, and clearing bugs, we are finally ready to offer our service. :) Key Features - UNDETECTABLE - Dedicated SIM Cards & CAT6+ Devices. - API for controlling rotation - Unlimited Bandwidth (*fair usage) - Both SOCKS5 & HTTP are available, HTTPS is...
  14. GridPanel

    UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany mobile proxies from £35/month | ✅ 4G & 5G | ✅ Unlimited | ✅ Dedicated | ✅ API Rotation | ✅ All networks

  15. LightZOS

    USA 5G Dedicated Proxies | ✨Unlimited Bandwidth ✨Custom Rotation ✨Private Devices/SIM

    What’s the offer? 100% Dedicated / Private 5G Mobile Proxies Dedicated 5G SIM card & 5G device for every user (no sharing!) Preset IP rotation or manual rotation(you'll get a link) Website Whitelist and Blacklist IP Whitelist and Blacklist User:Pass Authentication HTTP & SOCKS5 Located in U.S...
  16. GeniusProxy

    [WTH] 4g proxy creation software

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who are able to create a software to make 4g proxy. Features that I need : Api rotation Socks and http proxy Set a rotation interval I have for now 100+ dongle and sim avaible to make test.
  17. InstaSwift

    Would you be buying 4G proxies from Tokyo, Japan?

    We built a private 4G proxy network in Tokyo and we're currently using it successfully on Instagram. I'm thinking about selling access to it but I'm wondering if there is enough demand. Prices would be on the higher end since mobile contracts and rent are expensive. Advantages are highest...
  18. Bakidaki

    How to rotate 4G proxies IPs?

    Hi :) , over the last 2-3 months I have been working on making my own 4G proxies. After figuring out many problems, I have finally succeeded. Now I am strugling with making the proxies rotate, since everyone who uses 4G proxies knows they are almost useless for mass automation without IP...
  19. BetterKnow

    [DIY] Create 5G or 4G Mobile Proxies From Android Phones In 10 Seconds - Turn Your Phone Into A Mobile Proxy [FREE & OPEN SOURCE]

    Proxidize Android - Create 5G/4G Mobile Proxies From Android Phones. Remember Proxidize Android? Well, we decided to bring it back and make it open source for everyone. Proxidize Android Legacy is an Android application that enables anyone to make rotating 4G or 5G mobile proxies using their...
  20. GeniusProxy

    ⭐⭐France 4G Proxy ⏩ 150Go ⏩ API rotation ⏩ 40$ Month⭐⭐

    GeniusProxy is a 4g Mobile proxy service who provide you high trust IP pool from France. Price : •$40/month API : •API Rotation : You can change your IP as you wan’t with our API or you can ask us for a custom time rotation.(IP change process take 5 to 10 seconds) Both at the same time is...
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