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  1. toDay in UA

    4G/LTE Mobile proxies (HTTP and SOCKS5) from $30

    WhatsApp +380954656355 Telegram @MobProxies Gmail [email protected] 4G LTE proxy is an indispensable tool for SEO specialists and everyone who promotes on the Internet and social networks * Vodafone and Lifecell operators * 65000+ IP addresses (GEO - Ukraine) * Advanced 4G equipment * You...
  2. MrWhite2018

    What’s best guys? Rotating 4G/5G vs residential ipv4/ipv proxies based on quality score for our clients channel

    I need to find out if using rotating 4/5G proxies are better than residential ipv4/ipv proxies or not, we only need to upload a few videos every now and again but the client has asked us to ensure YouTube is seeing the best possible quality proxy on the account. Any feedback regarding this...
  3. T

    4G proxies for spotify bot

    I have heard a lot of talk and suggestions on using 4G mobile proxies instead of residential proxies for spotify botting. Which provider do you recommend for 4G mobile proxies and would you suggest going for the static ones too?
  4. jharr53301


    ULTRA FAST UK 4G PROXIES - NEVER GET BLOCKED AGAIN Comment BHW DISCOUNT for £19.99 off your first month! Comment TRIAL ME for a free 24hour trial! www.kingdomproxies.com Skype: [email protected] Email: [email protected]
  5. tum01

    ⭐⭐⭐ 4G Proxies for Scraping - BHW Verified - 1M pool - Multiple ISP / API

    How to Order? 1. Go to https://proximy.io 2. Click "Buy" or "Start Now" 3. Register an Account for Dashboard access. 4. Choose a Monthly or Weekly Subscription and make a payment. 5. We'll deliver your proxy within 4 to 48 hours and send a confirmation email. 6. You'll find all proxy...
  6. NxtGenLedz

    ▂▃▅▆█ US 4G Dedicated & Rotating Proxies - ProxyPanel.io █▆▅▃▂

    ProxyPanel.io Provides 4G Dedicated and rotating mobile proxies in multiple locations in the US. Special Launch Promotion: For first 100 BHW orders: Each 4G license is only $100/month! Reply with "I want monthly for $100" to claim this discount Features: Instant Proxy access when you buy...
  7. vasi36

    4G EU Mobile Proxies - ✅ Dedicated ✅ Fast ✅ Reliable

    No fancy graphics. No BS. Let's go straight to the business. Features: 100% Dedicated: Unique 4G SIM card & device for every user with fresh, clean IP (no sharing!) IP rotation on demand. The minimum time interval that can be set for IP rotation is 5 minutes. Unlimited data Full private...
  8. Polish4G

    ⭐⭐ 4G/LTE Mobile Polish Proxies - Stable connection from IP in Poland! Premium proxies! ⭐⭐

    Stable connection 4G Proxy are waiting for you! Automatic IP change will allow you to act quickly! 1. Which websites can be accessed? You gain access to any website you are interested in. 2. Does the IP rotate? If you order more than one proxy, then yes. When disconnected and reconnected, a...
  9. HydraProxy

    USA 4G Proxies - Mobile Proxy IPs | NO Monthly Commitment | Unlimited Bandwidth| Flexible Billing - 20% BHW DISCOUNT

    Contact Links: Mail: [email protected] Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/kefnJanlLvrx Telegram: https://t.me/hydraproxy
  10. Invictus

    ✅ InvictusProxies.com Unlimited Mobile LTE 4G Proxies ⭐ European ⭐ Private ⭐ Auto Setup ⭐ Automatic / API Rotation⭐ From 35.99$

    1. Do you limit access to any website ? We don't limit access to any website. 2. Why the quality of the proxies is so high ? We use a unique 4G SIM card and modem for every user (no sharing) 3. Does the proxies rotate ? We offer both static and rotating proxies. For the rotating proxies, you...
  11. BetterKnow

    [FREE GUIDE] Create your own 4G mobile proxy FULLY AUTOMATED in 10 seconds with 1 click ✅✅✅

    Hi BHW! It's been a while since I've posted anything. I hope everyone is doing well. :) As a thank you to the BHW community, I've decided to give away one of our 4G mobile proxy scripts 100% free! All you have to do to create your 4G mobile proxies is to follow the instructions. We have years...
  12. OfficialLs1

    Best Instagram 4g Proxy Provider

    Best IG 4g proxy provider with the least amount of blocks/problems.
  13. machhinegan

    About IG 4G proxies

    Hi, I have something problem with proxies. Everyone says if you want to run a few Instagram accounts on PC, you need to provide unique proxies for each Instagram account. Is it possible to host them by myself? Means buy a 4G sim card, and then PC connect wifi via hotspot? Or need to do some...
  14. PrestigeUK

    PRESTIGE PROXIES | 4G / LTE U.K. Based Social Media Proxies | Dedicated Raw | Unlimited Bandwidth

  15. H

    European 4G Mobile Proxy

    Hi Folks, I created a 4G Austrian mobile proxy network (see attached picture) with about 30 Sim cards. Each SIM card connects to the internet via its own individual modem. The next step is setting up the website and start with marketing. My questions for the marketing is: For which sites or...
  16. Heiko

    Looking for a reliable 4G US Proxy Seller (With Custom Rotation)

    Hi there, As Illusory is closing their services soon, i am now looking for a reliable 4G Proxy Provider in the US that has the ability to set a custom IP rotation for my needs (minimum 3 min rotation) Any services on the internet that are reliable? Prices should be reasonable as well. best...
  17. B

    Instagram Hard follow block with 4g proxy & jarvee

    Hey, This morning after 1-2 months that everything work good, I woke up with hard follow block for all my accounts, I use Jarvee, my own 4g proxy, Follow limits 20-40 per day, I opened all my accounts, 3-5 users per proxy. Do you have any recommendations or assumption? Thank you for advice!
  18. jattz

    3G | 4G Proxies | What you think which company is good?

    Hey Guys, May be same question asked by other BHW members , I am not sure. But i haven't got proper answer for this question yet. Thats why i am asking. Which is the best company to try for 3G/4G Proxies? Have you tried any recently? I have tried Luminati and oxylabs. Overall not happy
  19. G

    I have access to many European 4G sims with unlimited IG/FB/Twitter. What can I do with them?

    As the title says I can get my hands on many cheap 4G sim cards with unlimited data for those social networks, and I was wondering what I can do with them. Should I sell/rent out the sims to social media marketers/agencies/automaters, use them for my own social media marketing, or a...