1. designer style

    Can't log in to my google account !!

    every time I tried to login into myaccount.google.com & Gmail.com it show this page
  2. BR0C0LLI

    Can you fix my REGEX code? (301 redirect 404)

    After web migration and new URL architecture, I need to redirect old URLs because I am getting lot of 404. Old URL examples: domain.com/blog/vse-o-produktech/395-vybaveni-a-doplnky-pro-vasi-pergolu domain.com/blog/71-prave-realizujeme/464-kdo-nainstaloval-pergolu-dominiku-haskovi-jagr New URL...
  3. Eternalman

    How to make pages 404

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has a tutorial, or knows more detailed way on how to make pages 404. So why do I need to know this? Because, I bought an aged domain, and I want to do 301 redirects, I know of one WordPress plugin redirection that helps me with it. But it's got some pages...
  4. tazarbm

    How do I fix the broken links?

    Hi, everyone! First of all, mods please move this thread where appropriate cause I can't figure out for the life of me where to put it. Thanks :) Now, on topic... I did create a similar thread yesterday asking about where to 301-redirect some broken URLs and I solved that issue. But now, as I...
  5. tazarbm

    What do I do with 404 URLs?

    Hey, guys! I just ran a site audit for a domain that I had sitting around because it'll be due for renewal soon and I need to decide whether I'll keep it or let it expire. And I was going to let it expire, but for some weird-ass reason one of the long tail keywords (the domain is currently an...
  6. M

    Make a wordpress post returns to 404 in desktop, but 200 when visiting from mobile

    Hello All!! From the title of this post you might be wondering Why should anyone even wanted to do something like that. Yes, I need the server returns to 404 when someone visiting a perticular page/post from desktop. But the same page/post should return to 200 when visiting from mobile. I wil...
  7. cosmo89

    [Help] Bulk 404 Error Links Redirection

    I am looking for a tool that can does bulk 404 error links to home page. Nearly 1000 links there and need some help from BHW. Cosmo
  8. javadth

    question , best way to redirect old domain to new domain?

    HI I have a site with 8 years old its domain is a local domain, it's not ranking well, I'm not sure its penalized by google or not, because of it I want to change the domain to brand new and redirect the old one to this new domain the problem is a few years ago I was testing an AMA script in...
  9. T

    What do you think makes for a great 404 page?

    This is amazhing!
  10. LandscapePhotographer

    Is it harmful to have a Backlink pointing to 404 page

    Through this wonderful site, I am quickly getting a (very!) basic idea of SEO. In this light I have been checking the backlinks that exist to my website and have found some pointing at 404 not found errors, as since they were posted i have edited my site. My question is, does it hurt the...
  11. SEOWorlock

    I need free online tool to check 404

    I need some good tool to check 404 on multiple urls at once. Im seeking online tool. Thanks
  12. javadth

    how to redirect all subdomains to root ?

    hi recently i registred a expired domains , i see it was blogging service before and so has many sub domains with many backlinks now i want to redirect all subdomains to root for example blog1.mysite.co to mysite.co blog2.mysite.co to mysite.co blog3.mysite.co to mysite.co user1.mysite.co...
  13. HardSearcher

    Wordpress Bulk Redirection For 410 Status Code - Need Help ! ! !

    Hello Guys, we have a little problem about 410 Bulk Changes. I want to change 622 web pages with 404 Status Code into 410 Status Code but I don't know the correct formation of CSV file for this process. Anyone has any information about this? Maybe a source?
  14. ReliableSEOGuy

    How to mass check (XXX.XXX) http status? (looking for expired tumblr)

    Hey! I was previously messing around with scrapebox and came to the conclusion that the alive checker addon was returning a lot of wrong positives (if set to 404 as positive) and was kinda slow. Now I'm pretty sure this is mainly because I don't know how to properly handle the software yet...
  15. javadth

    need mozilla addon to show 404 and dead links in pages

    need mozilla addon to show 404 and dead links in pages hi im looking for a plugin to show dead links in pages by highlight or red underline or anything else
  16. javabro

    What's the final verdict on 404s?

    Should I redirect them to the homepage? Or just show a 404 page?
  17. C

    Which is better duplicate or 404?

    Which is better if I have - 3000 - duplicate pages or - 3000 - 404 error pages? I dont have any other options. :( Please give me an advice!
  18. curkill

    Some small advice for a smaller boi!

    Hey guys, so here I am, finally with my first thread. I have been working on a longterm project for the last 3 months and (ignoring the couple of backlinks I sadly/"accidentally" bought simply to try it out) kept everything whitehat. However, after lurking for months and reading through what...
  19. skeye

    FREE list of 2,600 broken Wikipedia links

    Hey gang. I was working on a project and have some leftovers. If you planned to do some Wiki link building this might help you. LINK to Google Sheets
  20. BobbysBurgers

    Soft 404 Crawl Error Search Spam- what's the point?

    I was reading the post below by Zwielicht. I am curious what the point of doing this spam? Does it hurt their rankings? Or it like the analytics spam that goes on? Just an advertisement? Love to hear thoughts and theories...
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