404 page

  1. thegoldeneye

    [TUTORIAL] How to Make Custom 404 Page in 5 MINUTES - NO PLUGINS

    I hate writing intros. (me writing an intro) Default 404 pages are ugly, and if you make your custom WordPress theme, it will not be styled at all. It doesn't look pretty, right? Working with a lot of WordPress themes, I found that sometimes I need something else on the 404...
  2. Ilia

    Is it ok to add noindex tag to 404 page

    Hi mates, I have a client with a website which has thousand dynamic pages. Every day I got more and more 404 pages. I don't want to apply redirects cuz it will be endless process. Definitely that 404 pages decrease the crawl budget and I came up with the idea to add noindex tag to 404 page...
  3. Aron Finch

    Google isn't showing my cache page on SERP, why?

    Google suddenly stopped showing the cache page of some of my website pages. I have tried fetch as google too and its about 3 weeks now. Nothing is changed till now, what should I do.
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